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In late 2020, United Airlines launched Agent on Demand to help passengers wherever they are—at home or the gate. This program is a cornerstone of United’s digital acceleration and you’ll hear how an idea that would typically take years to implement was taken to market in only a few months.

Meet the speakers

Rob Bence

Director, Airport Technology & Insights United Airlines

Amrit Dhangal

CEO & Co-founder, Acquire

Sheila McGee-Smith

Founder and Principal Analyst McGee-Smith Analytics

Sally Ann Lopez

Senior Director of Marketing Programs and Operations, CMO Council

In this session, you’ll learn:

Join Rob Bence, Director, Airport Technology & Insights, Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analytics at McGee-Smith Analytics, and Amrit Dhangal, CEO and Co-founder at Acquire for an inside look at how United Airlines creates a culture for innovation to take flight.

  • Ways to identify innovative offerings for enhancing the customer experience
  • How to apply United’s approach to accelerate your digital projects
  • Best practices for creating a holistic CX project