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There’s a delicate balance between operational efficiency and delivering impactful customer experiences—but The Dufresne Group, a leading home furnishings retailer in Canada, has it figured out.

In this webinar, Norm Alegria, Director of Guest Care at The Dufresne Group, and Acquire’s Director of Customer Success, Gio Bryden, share how taking an omnichannel approach cut in-home service calls in half and 10x online engagement in two weeks for Dufresne.

Meet the speakers
Acquire's director of customer success giovanni bryden

Gio Bryden

Director, Customer Success, Acquire

Norm Alegria

Director of Guest Care, Dufresne Group

This session will also discuss how to:
  • Create personalized experiences using the communication channels your customers prefer.
  • Use customer journey mapping to discover how people are using your digital channels.
  • Generate data from customer touchpoints that will help improve your overall CX.