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Online sales look set to reach a massive $740B by 2023. Seize the opportunity to beat your competitors by providing amazing customer experiences.

Discover how to leverage new communication channels and meet evolving customer expectations, all within a single platform designed to put conversations at the heart of your business.

Join us for a quick, high-level demo and see what Acquire’s conversational customer experience platform can do.

Meet the speakers

Nicholas Vouros

Account Executive

In this 15-minute session, you’ll learn:
  • Ways to move customer conversations seamlessly across multiple channels, including chatbot, live chat, video, and cobrowse – and even jump to email or SMS when needed
  • How to create a self-service model for your most frequently asked questions
  • Methods for automating workflows, freeing up resources to manage customer inquiries that really matter
  • How a truly unified platform gives unparalleled insight into the entire interaction history with your customers – no matter what the channel