Acquire for Early Stage

Built a successful business using Acquire. We’re
making all the features in our Team plan available at 90% off
($20 per month) to a limited number of startups that are:

  • New to Acquire
  • 1 to 10 employees
  • Less than $1M in funding
  • Must be funded by venture capital firm or part of an accelerator

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90% OFF


  • Included 5 Agents
  • AI based ChatBots
  • Profile management tools
  • Video and voice call
  • Co browsing and screen sharing
  • Full Analytics and Reporting
  • Unlimited access

Grow your business with Acquire –
A complete communication platform

We’re the first multi-channel messaging platform for businesses 
We help users
bridge gaps between customers and sales and support teams to empower all involved.


Customer Journey & Onboarding
Customer Onboarding & Campaign

Onboard and Navigate customers through your website with the ability to take customers through on-boarding, product features and setup automate campaign.

Realtime Messaging platform
Real-time messaging

Connect with your best customer while they’re on your website instead of forcing them to go through forms and automated emails. With real-time messaging, any conversation will be a conversion.

Bot and Knowledge Base
Chatbot and Knowledge Base

Scale your sales and support efforts with a modern, AI-based based chatbot, integrated knowledge base and all-in-one communication platform.

Bot and Knowledge Base
Manage customer at one place

Acquire’s profile management helps you keep track of crucial customer data and build individualized profiles. You’ll never miss a touchpoint.

Value you get from Acquire

Connect with your customer with multi-channel communication platform for sales, marketing and support.

Automate your chats
with Chatbot

With your personalized chatbot and knowledge base you can provide customers with automated intelligent answers, also it will collect details and route conversation to a real agent if required.

Managing your
customer at scale with
Profile Management

Acquire is the first all-in-one communication platform for businesses across the board. We help you create, manage and automate targeted conversations with customers, gather crucial data and deliver impactful results.

  • Follow and get notified when prospects come back to the website
  • Send targeted in-app and email to your prospects
  • Timeline shows you every customer interaction
  • Make VOIP call and send SMS with one click
Managing your Customer Communication at Scale with Profile Management

Start connecting with your best leads in real-time

Get Acquire for Early Stage Startups for only $20/month.

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Audio Video Calls and Recordings

Video chat,
voice call and Recording

Talk to your customer with video call can be
best relationship with your customer on early stage.
  • One click video call with in chatbox
  • Record all the call and learn from your customer
  • Create more personalise connection

Interact with your customer’s web screen in real time with Co-browsing

With Acquire Co-browsing allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time to guide what to do next.

  • No download require, one click of button
  • Works in all the browsers and platforms
  • Support mobile apps and tablets
Interact with your customer


What people say about Acquire

We help startup coz we came from the same stage. here what our customer says.
Simon McConnell
@ UK Government

Due to the increasing level and complexity of functionality provided within our application and larger numbers of visitors we integrated the chat and co-browsing functionality provided by Acquire.

Paul Biancaniello

They have great features that really allow for better engagement with our customers, other than just text.

Deyanira Sosa
Palace Resorts

We are taking advantage from all the extraordinary tools that Acquire offers. Where not only the number of chats have increased, but also the satisfaction of the client and therefore greater % of closings in sales.


Start connecting with your best leads in real-time

Get Acquire for Early Stage Startups for only $20/month.

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Acquire recognized in Live Chat based on user reviews Acquire Recognized as High Performer in Spring 2019 on G2 Crowd
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