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Learn how to optimize your
ecommerce customer experience

Level up CX with omnichannel engagement

LISTEN Ecommerce fastlane: Invigorate positive experiences

Join Amrit Dhangal, COO and Co-Founder of Acquire, and Steve Hutt, Host of eCommerce Fastlane to learn how brands can level up CX with omnichannel engagement.

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Ecommerce challenges and their solutions

READ 10 ecommerce challenges businesses face and their solutions

Uncover the 10 most common challenges ecommerce stores face and learn how you can overcome them to drive more sales.

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Explore recent trends and predictions for digital customer engagement

WATCH The future of CX: Trends and predictions for customer engagement

Explore recent retail trends and get insights on the current state of digital customer engagement with Norm Alegria of The Dufresne Group and Amrit Dhangal of Acquire.

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Detailed guide to ecommerce customer experience

DOWNLOAD The definitive guide to ecommerce
customer experience

Get the scoop on all things ecommerce with this informative guide, including the top five priorities for store owners and some best practices to borrow from big brands.

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Read how the dufresne group increased sales by leveraging acquire

READ Case study: Furnishing your
home goes fully digital

Discover how The Dufresne Group pivoted to digital sales by leveraging Acquire when COVID-19 shuttered their storefronts.

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Watch this webinar and learn how to exceed customer expectations with the help of innovative digital interactions

WATCH The connected customer: Digital interaction & service innovation

See how HLC is exceeding customer expectations despite exponential demand with the help of innovative digital interactions.

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