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Screen share beyond conference calls

Empower your sales and support teams with remote connectivity and interactive screen share. Make any conversation feel up close and personal. Dive into your customer's pain points visually for context and collaboration Customer Resolve issues and communication seamlessly Support Ticket VOIP or Phone Call Live Chat

No downloads needed. Ever.

Immediately see your customer's screen, without any app downloads or plugins. Enjoy a secure and seamless screen share experience every time. Agent Customer Name Dialog Flow Bot Facebook Bot Startups Enable / Disable **** **** **** **** Expires in **** ** **** Live drawing & Heighlighting Control Bar Sensitive Data Masking

Simple set up and go

Acquire Screen Share is an extension of Live Chat and Cobrowse functionality, providing access to more than just the browser tab without the need for any extra software downloads. Next Step John Doe Your Email Phone Number Password Sign up to Acquire
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Sign up to gain access to product functionality and features. Create a smooth conversational experience for customers. Setup

Integrate Acquire's chat widget to go from sign up to set up in minutes and get access to all the functions and features.

Immediately access CRM and support platform data. Check out features like quick links, tagging, and many more.

Go where your
customers are

  • All web browsers
  • iOS
  • Android
  • All major operating systems Agent Customer Agent Customer Stop Cobrowsing Agent Customer


Acquire is the world's #1 brand for remote connectivity solutions. Through innovative technology and an incredibly fast and secure global network, we're helping the world come together.

  • All modern & classic browsers
  • All major operating systems
  • Android native application
  • iOS native application

Users the world over love Acquire Screen Share

Due to the increasing level and complexity of functionality provided within our application and larger numbers of visitors we integrated the chat and co-browsing functionality provided by Acquire.

Simon McConnell, @ UK Government

They have great features that really allow for better engagement with our customers, other than just text.

Paul Biancaniello,

We are taking advantage from all the extraordinary tools that Acquire offers. Where not only the number of chats have increased, but also the satisfaction of the client and therefore greater % of closings in sales.

Deyanira Sosa, Palace Resorts

We integrate with all modern
support software

With a wide array of integrations available and robust yet flexible APIs and SDKs, Acquire allows you to share and enrich data freely with your favourite support and sales tools.

Cut through the complexity. See it
real-time through your users' eyes.

No Download No Installation No Plugin Quick Setup
Acquire recognized in Live Chat based on user reviews Acquire Recognized as High Performer in Spring 2019 on G2 Crowd
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