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Ditch 3rd party downloads for your customers and discover the power of instant cobrowsing

Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

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Why do you need cobrowsing?

See your customer’s screen immediately, without requiring any app downloads or plugins. Guarantee
a seamless and secure experience every time you share your screen.

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    Ditch 3rd party downloads

    Navigate on-screen with customers to help them file claims.

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    Secure field masking

    Increase sales by helping customers obtain quotes instantly.

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    Draw and highlight tools

    Spend less time on repetitive questions with chatbots.

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    Instant experience for customers

    See customer history and understand their needs to offer better service.


No Downloads or Installation

Cobrowsing is permission-based straight from a live chat, so your customer doesn’t need to download 3rd-party software.


It’s (MUCH) Faster

Don’t make customers wait for your conferencing software to load frame-by-frame. Connect in just three seconds with cobrowsing.


More Secure

Unlike traditional screen sharing, cobrowsing only connects through your customer’s browser tab(s) and masks sensitive data fields such as credit card details.


Improve Customer Experience

Provide a truly real time and interactive experience that streamlines support and boosts CSAT


Quicker Resolution Time

Navigate web pages on behalf of the customer and draw or highlight on-page. Enable faster resolution of complex issues and reduce unnecessary ticketing.



FeatureAcquire CobrowseTraditional Screen Share
No download or installation required
Mobile App Integration
Secure field masking
Securely limited to the browser
Shares entire screen
Interactive Shared click and navigation
Highlight and drawn on user’s screen
Instant, doesn’t slow bandwidth
Integrates in real time with live chat

When is traditional screensharing more useful?

There may still be times when it’s useful for a customer to share their entire screen to show relevant documents or 3rd party web pages. Acquire has you covered here, too, with our own screen share browser plugin.


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communication platform

Cobrowse technology integrates with our other products

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