Converting online visitors
into qualified leads

Acquire makes it easier to create conversations with
your prospects to drive conversions

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Engage with prospects at the right time

Engage with prospects
at the right time

Create conversations by Segmenting and reaching out to prospects on your website based on location, behaviour, usage and profile

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Send targeted messages to the right customers at the right time using in-app messages and emails.

Route chat to your sales team

Use rules to send qualified customers to the right sales rep to boost conversions

Measure performance

Understand how your campaigns are impacting your business with actionable insights into customer conversions

Customer groups

Segment and create groups of customer types to understand and connect with your prospects better

Automate Qualification
and routing

Salesbot is an additional sales rep that converts online customers into qualified prospects

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Automate Qualification and routing
Lead routing

Once qualified, Salesbot can identify which sales rep the customer should speak with


Ask prospects the right questions to help qualify them and understand who are you best prospects

Measure Value

Understand how Salesbot is delivering value to your sales team and how many customers it qualifies

Smart suggestions

Salesbot can understand customer questions and determine the correct response required

Add another sales rep to the team today

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Make data
driven decisions

Acquire gives you insights into how many chats converted into sales, sign ups or demos.

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Analyse how many customers are being converted from visitors into qualified leads


Overview and run reports on all chats that have led to a conversion, e.g. sale, sign up

Team member insights

Get a deeper understanding into your best performing sales reps and boost team productivity

Team goals

Drive performance by measuring your team’s performance against business goals

Know your prospects

Profiles give an overview of your prospects interactions so you can build better relationships and maintain communication

  • E-mail all propects at once, or one by one
  • Timeline of a customers history
  • Personalised in-app messaging

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Navigating Customers
through the Sales Journey

Acquire allows your team to access and interact with the customers screen in real-time.

  • Customer journeies / On-boarding
  • Application forms
  • Check outs

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A better way
to connect

Acquire helps you connect with more prospects, close more deals and build better relationships through the power of live chat and video chat.

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Built to fit your existing Workflows

Acquire is a Communication Platform for sales, support, marketing and custommer success teams to create and manage conversations with customer and deliver results across the organization.



Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce data inside Acquire


Track, engage and convert your online store visitors.


See and reply to Facebook messages in your Team inbox,

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