Acquire raises $5.4M in funding round with S28, Fathom Capital and NHN Ventures

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Turn first-time visitors into qualified leads with ease

Acquire uses the power of conversation to turn visitors into buyers.

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Engage with prospects at the right time


Target customers with perfect timing

Segment customers based on location, behavior and individual profiles. Connect to people who want to try, buy or learn more, in the right place, at the right time.

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Launch personalized campaigns

Increase conversions with highly targeted emails and messages to customers directly from your platform, website or app.

Route chats to your sales team

Create rules sending qualified customers to the right sales reps, closing requests quicker than ever.

Measure performance

Understand the impact of campaigns on your business with actionable insights into customer conversions.

Group customers

Group customers based on certain characteristics to create an improved experience with tailored outreach.

Intelligent, automated qualification and routing

Acquire's Flow Bot converts online visitors into qualified prospects, automating up to 80% of your most common customer questions. Bots nurture valuable leads without you lifting a finger.

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Automate Qualification and routing
Lead Routing

After a customer is qualified, Acquire's Flow Bot routes them to the best representative.

Lead qualification

Qualify leads properly with the right questions and learn more about your most promising prospects.

Value Tracking

Track how many customers your Flow Bot has qualified. Track how it interacts with your sales team to understand just how important it is to your business.

Smart Suggestions

Flow Bots go beyond static text chats, using AI to interpret customer questions and provide the most helpful response, learning as they go.

Innovate and automate. Save time for your team with sales bots.

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Empower data-driven decision making

Connect all your data points. See how many chats end in sales, sign ups, or demos with Acquire.

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Analyze conversion rates from visitors to qualified leads.


View and create reports on chats leading to specific types of conversion (think sales or sign ups.)

Team Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your best performing sales reps and boost team productivity.

Team Goals

Understand how your team's overall appearance stacks up against business goals.

Get to know your prospects

Track customer interactions with Profiles, to help better understand their needs. Build stronger relationships and keep conversations going for longer.
With Profiles, you can:

  • Email Prospects individually (or together)
  • View customer timelines
  • Reach out via personalized in-app messaging

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Guide customers through their sales journey

Access and interact with customer screens to assist with purchases in real-time.
Provide support for:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Application forms
  • Checkouts

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Close the customer support circle

Customers expect more than ever from your brand. Are you ready?

  • Connect with more prospects
  • Close more deals
  • Build strong customer relationships with live chat and video chat (and without third-party apps!)


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Looking to integrate? We're built to fit your workflow.

Your favourite business tools work best hand-in-hand. Connect them to supercharge your data.




Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce’s data bank right from Acquire




Track, engage and convert your online store’s visitors




View and reply to Facebook messages in your team’s inbox


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