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Generate sales leads while you sleep

Target your ideal prospects, automate lead generation, and convert visits into sales with Acquire.

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Improve conversions through conversations


Live Chat for Sales

Be relevant, not salesy

Set up the right web chat messages to fire off at the right time to increase qualified lead.


Account Based Marketing

Segment and sell better

Divvy up your Acquire database and personalize your outreach to prospects with industry-relevant messages.


Chatbots for Sales

Always be generating leads

Set up sales chatbots to keep the conversation - and conversions - going while your team is offline.


Chat with prospects instantly

Use live chat to capture intent in the moment and speed up sales cycles instead of relying on slow follow-up emails.


Unified View

An all-in-one communication platform

Connect your favorite sales tools in Acquire and sell like a pro.

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    Capture all prospect touchpoints

    Connect with prospects through live chat, chatbots, email, video, voice, social media, and more.

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    Cross-channel communication

    Remove communication silos and easily jump from one channel to another, all from one dashboard.

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    Sales integrations

    Acquire syncs bidirectionally with major sales platforms so you can use your favorite tools in one place.


Call and SMS leads

Employ a conversational approach in your sales outreach. Use Acquire’s VoIP and SMS tools to connect with prospects naturally.


Cobrowsing Software for Sales

Point prospects in the right direction

Highlight, click, scroll, and navigate on behalf of potential buyers when they get stuck on your website.

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    Boost conversions

    Guide visitors on-screen using annotation tools and help pave their path to a purchase.

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    Increase average sale price

    Show off the best parts of your product or service to inspire a bigger sale.

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    View click activity

    Observe where website visitors hover on-page in silent mode, and reach out with a relevant message.


Unite all your channels

Build smoother customer experiences and consolidate all your customer communication with Acquire

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