Customer support software lives in your mobile app

Engage and retain mobile customers with Acquire’s chatbot, in-app messages, and push notifications. Provide faster, more effective customer support through integrated messaging channels, including videochat and co-browsing.

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live chat mobile sdk for android and ios

Mobile support, reimagined

Effortlessly engage and retain mobile users with Acquire iOS and Android SDK.

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Video Call mobile sdk
Video Call

One-click video call for customers—without making them leave your mobile app.

voice Call in mobile apps
Voice Call

Need to talk a customer through a problem? Initiate a call directly from your mobile app.

Co browsing in mobile

See your customer’s screen and provide tailored recommendations. No third party downloads required.

chatbots in mobile apps Call

Provide 24/7 customer support with AI and machine learning-enabled chatbot tools.

ios and android apps sdk for live chat software

Onboard and support users at scale

Seeking to provide high-quality, in-app service to mobile users? Look no further. Acquire’s integrated SDK meets every customer need.

  • 24/7 support with AI chatbots
  • Targeted push notifications
  • In-app messages
  • Real-time chat
  • On-demand video and voice call
  • Remote screen sharing and navigation
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Set the launcher in
your apps

Adding launcher or clickable link in your app will help your customer
find the support easily. With Acquire mobile SDK, you can customize
launcher and place the link anywhere in your app to keep the
consistency of your brand experience

Customize according to
your brand

We care about your brand and keep the consistency is the important
thing so we allow you to change the look and feel and give the same
experience to your customer by easy way to modify the mobile app SDK.

customer support mobile sdk



Retain and engage 250% more your customer

Targeted push notification and in-app messages will increase 250% more customer retention and keep them engaging with your apps.

push notification mobile sdk

Messaging Channel

Send in-app messages to your customer anytime according their user activity.

Send alert to your customer in mobile app

Push Notification

Create and automate actionable push notification campaign to increase engagement

Inbox style chat in mobile apps


Alert your customer with actionable messages and update to keep engage with your mobile app.

video chat and voice call in mobile apps

Make a video call just
right from your mobile apps

Talk and help your potential customer with one click video chat without leaving your app. Also, you can show your product and services with video chat and voice calls within your mobile apps.


Make a voice call just
right from your cell-phone

A little personalization can go a long way. Make your
customers feel like family with the power of one-click voice
call from your mobile apps. The customer can switch
to video call anytime while they are on the calls.

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Easy set-up | 14 days trial | no credit cards

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