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Improve the insurance digital customer experience

Guide insurance customers online and improve customer experience, loyalty, and satisfiaction with Acquire cobrowse, live chat, chatbots, and more.

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acquire cobrowse

Build loyalty and trust through your digital
customer service

Customers need guidance during life’s most difficult times. Empower agents to offer instant customer service
across all channels with the Acquire platform.

Acquire cases

Streamline claims

Navigate on-screen with customers to help them file claims.

Acquire cases

Boost quote conversions

Increase sales by helping customers obtain quotes instantly.

Acquire cases

Automate FAQs

Spend less time on
repetitive questions with chatbots.

Acquire cases

Personalize support

See customer history and understand their needs to offer better service.

Unified View

Every customer interaction in one place

Equip your insurance agents with an all-in-one dashboard
to communicate with customers and track interactions

acquire cobrowsing for the call center
unified customer engagement view Acquire features
Acquire cases

View all customer engagements

Always know about your previous interactions with customers, be it by phone, chat, web or other.

Acquire cases

Chat at scale

Multitask like a pro. Handle multiple live chat conversations at once by easily toggling between chats.

Acquire cases

Customer data at hand

Get detailed insight into your customers to understand their needs at a glance.

Cobrowse Software for Insurance

Guide customers through
quotes and claims

With Acquire Cobrowse, you can see and interact with your customer’s screen
to explain forms and help them accurately complete the fields.

acquire cobrowsing for the call center
unified customer engagement view Acquire features
Acquire cases

Increase conversions

Guide customers to fill out your forms while on your website.

Acquire cases

Reduce handle time

Solve issues right in the moment and minimize back-and-forth.

Acquire cases

Improve CSAT

Deliver a white-glove customer experience online.

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Always have answers

Your customers need information on insurance plans, policies, terms, and more. Help them find what they need via a helpful bot, available 24/7 on your site.

marker tools for guiding customers

Security, guaranteed

As insurers, you need to comply with lots of legal requirements. Acquire’s customer service platform meets all major security standards.

  • SSO
  • Data protection
  • Physical and infrastucture security
  • Data encryption and testing
marker tools for guiding customers

Helping businesses put customers first

Elevate client testimonial
Acquire clients

Acquire’s customer support tools helped us qualify issues faster, provide more efficient help and reduce resolution time.

Brad Tharp | Senior Director of Operations

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HLC client testimonial
Acquire clients

We don’t want our customers to have to do much to get what they need. And Acquire is a cornerstone of that because it helps us achieve that goal.

David Goodman | Customer Experience Lead

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Acquire features

Offer an amazing customer experience online

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