Turn visitors into active,
loyal customers

From customer journeys to product onboarding, Acquire delivers a personal experience at scale

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Turn visitors into loyal customers

Driving Engagement through Behavioral Campaigns

Reduce churn and increase usage by targeting customers at the right time to create conversations


Segment and create customer groups based on behaviour and send targeted messages at the right time


Send targeted emails to customers if they perform a specific action to boost engagement

3In-app messaging

Send one to one personalized in-app messages to your best customers on your website

4Measure results

Understand how your targeted messages are performing and drive performance

onboarding segmentation
 Making customers Successful

Making customers
Successful, quicker.

Give your team the ability to Deliver more impactful on-boarding, and demonstrate customer value instantly

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Deliver value

Guide customers through the initial steps of your product set-up

Increase active users

Showcase new features to customers in real-time to help retention

Upsell through value

Drive up-sells customers by demonstrating the value of your product instantly

Reduce churn

Engage with customers when they need it the most and decrease churn rates

Using feedback to
understand customers

Acquire allows customers to leave feedback after each chat which allows you to measure their experience each time

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Using customers feedback
experince video call

Get on a first name basis
with your best customers

Use the power of video to increase customer’s engagement and keep their attention with an experience they will never forget.

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Built to fit your existing Workflows

Acquire is a Communication Platform for sales, support, marketing and customer success teams to create and manage conversations with customer and deliver results across the organization.



Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce data inside Acquire


Track, engage and convert your online store visitors.


See and reply to Facebook messages in your Team inbox,

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