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Turn visitors into active,
loyal customers

Connect with your visitors at every touchpoint, from first browse to onboarding. Acquire’s tools deliver a personalized customer experience at scale.


Turn visitors into loyal customers



Acquire behavioral campaigns innovate and drive engagement forward

Target customers at the perfect time to reduce drop-offs, enhance user experience and win conversions.


Create segmented customer groups based on behavior tracking. Send targeted messages to the right people at the right time.


Engage customers that complete specific actions with tailored emails

3In-app messaging

Get ahead with chat: Send one-to-one messages to your top clients, all from your own website

4Insight and results

Understand how well your targeted messages and campaigns are doing.

onboarding segmentation
 Making customers Successful

Deliver customer success
at lightning speed

Prove value to onboarding visitors instantly and help your team deliver impactful customer experiences

Deliver value

Onboard customers and help them set up without difficult hiccups


Increase active users

Educate customers about new features in real time to keep them connected

Upsell through value

Drive up-sells customers by demonstrating the value of your product instantly

Reduce churn

Help customers when they need it the most to lower your churn rate


See how customers respond

Acquire collects customer feedback after each chat, helping you measure and monitor experiences both individually and as a whole


Using customers feedback
experince video call



Get on a first-name basis with your best customers

Streamline your customers’ experiences through Acquire’s array of innovative tools. Use the power of video chat to increase customer engagement.


Need integrations? We’re build to fit your workflow.

Your favorite business tools should work hand-in-hand. Connect them for better data all around. View our integrations



Create leads and send conversations to Salesforce’s data bank right from Acquire



Track, engage and convert your online store’s visitors.



View and reply to Facebook messages in your team’s inbox.

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