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A new way for SaaS companies to onboard customers

From customer journey to product onboarding, Acquire delivers a personalized experience at scale.

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Improve user onboarding by guiding
customers through step-by-step

Acquire allows you to interact with your customer's screen in real-time, guaranteeing a successful onboarding.


Drive Feature Adoption




Instantly notify
users of any new features

Set up automated campaigns to notify users of new features and their benefits.


Guide customers through new features

Cobrowsing lets you interact with your customer's screen in real time, guiding them through new features.

  • No downloads required
  • Annotate on screen
  • Works in all browsers

We use our own product
to onboard users, teaching them and reducing churn.


Start conversations with targeted messaging

Welcoming users instantly to your app is a powerful way to boost engagement and reduce drop-off.

targeted in-app and email messages for saas business
Signup to loyal customer

Manage customers from sign up through to loyal user

Maintain communication through a single view to increase retention using profiles.


Gain insight into your conversions

See how many conversations led to conversions.

Insight into conversations and campaign


Engage and educate customers using video chat

A little personalization can go a long way. Empower your team to solve issues faster, boost CSAT and humanize the support process.

video chat customer support for saas

1Accelerate Onboarding

Understand customer issues at once and resolve them on first contact.

2Product Training

Train customers with cobrowsing and screen-sharing on how to use your product.

3Build Rapport

Get personal with video and increase customer satisfaction.

4Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience using the power of video.


Ready to join
thousands of amazing businesses?

Acquire helps you manage and support your customers with an intuitive chat platform, cobrowsing and customer profile functionality.

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