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Cobrowse your way to better online experiences

View and interact with your customers’ browsers when they get stuck. Guide the way with visual cues using Acquire Cobrowse.

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Acquire Cobrowse

Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world.

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What is Cobrowsing?

Troubleshoot collaboratively on-screen

Acquire Cobrowse enables two-way browser-based interaction, with no downloads required for customers. Point, click,
and annotate your customer’s screen with their permission, anywhere on your website or mobile apps.

Oh, the places you’ll grow

Open the door to more business and satisfy your customers at scale with cobrowsing.

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Cobrowse Software for Business

Secure and engaging

Create more real time digital customer experiences without sacrificing data security standards.

Control what is shared
Control what is shared

Let agents see only what customers want to show. Mask specific elements of a page, like credit card input fields. Acquire meets all major data and security regulations.

Combine tools for maximum engagement
Combine tools for maximum engagement

Increase conversion rates and overall satisfaction by pairing cobrowsing with live chat or video chat to create a richer customer experience.

Secure and engaging
Easey to use for agents and customers

Cobrowse Software for Customer Experience

Easy to use for agents and customers

Elevate your online support and sales with mobile-friendly cobrowsing software.

Support your customers entirely on mobile
Visually guide the way

Make it easy for customers to follow along. Use highlighter and marker tools to point customers in the right direction.

Visually guide the way
Support your customers entirely on mobile

Help your customers get unstuck with mobile cobrowsing in-app on iOS and Android. Acquire is the only solution that provides a mobile SDK.

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Helping businesses put customers first

The dufresne Group client testimonial

Cobrowsing helps us guide customers through our applications. If they run into tech problems, we can see them with co-browsing and help remediate them..

Brad Tharp   |   Senior Director of Operations   |   Elevate

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Why Cobrowsing?

Enjoy the benefits of cobrowsing

Use cobrowse to reduce handle time, improve first-time resolution,
increase online conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.

Resolve issues faster

Resolve issues faster

Save customers from explaining the problem and spend time solving it instead.

Hands-on onboarding

Hands-on onboarding

Proactively fight churn with an onboarding process enhanced by cobrowsing.

Improve your UX

Improve your UX

Record cobrowse sessions and share them with development teams to improve UX.

Boost CSAT

Boost CSAT

Reduce frustration by taking over for your customers when they get stuck.

Offer technical support

Offer technical support

Dive deep into how to use specific features and tools on-screen.

Seamless for users

Seamless for users

Choose from a range of cobrowse modes and whitelist domains to enable multi-tab support.

No downloads

No downloads

Unlike screen share, cobrowse is browser-based and doesn’t require customers to download anything.

Cobrowse modes

Cobrowse modes

Choose from a range of ways to cobrowse with users, including by phone, in silent mode, and more.

Multi-tab support

Multi-tab support

Cobrowse beyond one website. Whitelist multiple domains to enable customers to navigate freely.

Cobrowse for customer support

    Cobrowse for customer support

    • See what your customers see so you can respond better to their issues.
    • Support customers through a range of processes.
    • Personalize the support experience based on the customer’s situation.
Cobrowse for sales

    Cobrowse for sales

    • Bring product demos and sales presentations to life
    • Help with product selection.
    • Assist with order forms and decrease cart abandonment.

Salesforce Integration

Acquire Cobrowse + Salesforce

Bring the power of visual engagement on-screen to your
Salesforce customer database.

  • Salesforce App Exchange

    Salesforce App Exchange

    Connect with us on the AppExchange to initiate no-download, permission-based cobrowsing.

    Read more
  • Salesforce Live Agent

    Salesforce Live Agent

    Need to resolve issues on-screen while chatting in Salesforce Live Agent? Turn on the Aquire Cobrowse integration.

  • Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

    Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

    Amplify your customer service with Acquire Cobrowse technology, right within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Acquire Cobrowse + Salesforce

Visual Engagement Software

How is cobrowsing different from screenshare?

Both tools are used by customer service teams to share web pages and
guide customers, but cobrowse is superior in a few key ways.


It's faster

Launch in a few clicks, instead of wasting precious time navigating off-page to set up screen share.


It's safer

Agents see only the page they're permitted to – no other tabs, pages, and apps, unlike screen sharing.

better user experience

It's a better user experience

No download means sessions can be immediately initiated in-chat or by calling your team with a unique code.

engagement platform

It's part of an engagement platform

Acquire is integrated with your other customer communication tools, making it easy to navigate between them.

Level up your online support with

Improve customer experience with Acquire Cobrowse software.

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