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Customer Story

How Splashtop Used Chatbots To
Increase Sales Conversations by 35%

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Splashtop - Italo Nova
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Computer Software


Computer Software

Company Size

51-200 employees

Features Highlighted

Acquire Live Chat

Acquire Triggers


35% increase in sales conversations

Higher conversion rates

Better lead qualification


Our sales conversations have increased by over 35% since switching over to Acquire from Zendesk.

Italo Nava

Sales Manager at Splashtop

Italo Nava helps lead inside sales at Splashtop, a Silicon Valley-based tech company providing remote desktop access services to businesses and consumers. As Sales Manager, Nava focuses on ensuring Splashtop’s sales operations run smoothly. Nava is constantly on the lookout for tech tools to help his team qualify leads more effectively.

In March 2019, Nava decided to switch from Zendesk Chat to Acquire Live Chat. Today, his team uses Acquire’s live chat and chatbot features to offer personalized messaging to visitors, driving even more conversations than with Zendesk.

Here’s why Nava chose to upgrade from Zendesk Chat to Acquire.

The Challenge: Using chat to qualify leads


Average chats a month

20 million+



5-star reviews

The Splashtop sales team includes 20 sales development representatives and account executives in the U.S. and Taiwan. Nava implemented Zendesk Chat on the Splashtop website to engage prospects browsing product and pricing pages. The goal was to increase conversations with leads with chatbots. However, Zendesk Chat had limited bot options at the time, and he wasn’t a fan of the chat widget design.

“Their UI from the customer’s side just felt very outdated,” Nava said.

Nava trialed Intercom and Drift but found both vendors too pricey. Researching alternatives, he arrived at Acquire.

The Solution: Customizing chatbots to use pre-and post-sales

Acquire equips support teams with the digital tools they need to create the best customer experiences. With features including secure cobrowsing, AI chatbots, live chat, and video calling, Acquire empowers teams to proactively resolve complex sales, service, and support issues in real-time across all channels.

Citing price, ease of use, responsive customer support, and a comprehensive set of features, Nava chose Acquire.

“We have Acquire on 36 of our webpages, and we use it to engage with prospects and qualify leads,” Nava said. “We leverage the bot to initiate conversations, we also leverage the Salesforce integration to record qualified leads on Salesforce. We have plans to expand our usage of Acquire. There are so many more features with Acquire that we have not explored completely yet.”

Acquire Chatbots

Acquire was a good fit on price and offered customizable chatbots with a modern UI to help the Splashtop sales team automate lead qualification with pre-sales questions, such as whether a visitor wants to talk to sales, support, or is just browsing.

Acquire Chatbots

Acquire Chatbots also allow Splashtop to engage with prospects when their sales team is offline. The chatbots collect contact information, including names and email addresses, enabling the sales team to follow up the next day.

Acquire Triggers

With Acquire, Splashtop customizes chatbots to appear on specific web pages. These include ones that have higher sales intent, such as competitor pages, contact us page, product comparison pages, and more.

Acquire Salesforce Integration

Nava finds Acquire’s integration with Salesforce extremely handy. Chats can be saved as leads in Salesforce, making it easier to build lead lists and follow up by SDRs.

The Results: More conversations and better leads


Increase in
sales conversations
with Acquire vs.


Average # Monthly
Conversations with
Acquire between


All-time High # Monthly
Conversations with

With Acquire, Splashtop’s sales team saw a significant lift in online sales conversations.

“Our conversations have increased by over 35% since switching over to Acquire from Zendesk. In our case, conversations lead to higher conversion percentages. We do expect more growth here when we become more aggressive on triggers and add Acquire to more pages.”

Nava said Splashtop plans to scale with Acquire as it eyes expanding into Europe and providing 24-hour support.

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