How Video Chat Can Help To Improve Digital Banking System

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How Video Chat Can Help To Improve Digital Banking System

Along with many other sectors, Banking Sector and Online Payment Systems can also improve their online services with the integration of live chat software on their website or an app which customers can use easily to interact with a customer care or account manager, without stepping their foot in the bank. The article below gives the details about the ways in which the chat application can bring further improvements in online banking and payment systems.

Businesses are adopting a customer-centric approach to get insights about customer preferences. Real-time communications is becoming more important in businesses to satisfy customer expectations and needs. Live chat is the best and helpful tool to engage with the customers in real-time.

“We are moving more and more towards live chat support, because it makes it easier for us to quickly fix the problem.” –David Freer

Implementing live chat with video chat in banks has numerous benefits. The beauty of live chat is that it offers complete customer service solutions to the customers without losing a personal interaction.

There are various studies that show the impact of live chat on various business sectors like banking, ecommerce etc.

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Video chat allows banks to offer quick services to the customers. When customers visit a bank's website, by just clicking a button customer can start the conversation with a customer service representative.

Hence, a customer can resolve the issues they have with their bank by sitting at home or office or anywhere. Instead of queuing up waiting for your turn to see the CS, with video chat it will be stress-free and it will also help the bank to prevent overcrowding in the banking hall.

With video chatting in the banking sector, customer retention is at greater challenge than ever. The value of quick answers and personal human interaction will increase. Video chat technology extends to all financial institutions, large and small, the opportunity to fully engage their online channel customers.

I have mentioned a few points which will definitely convince you that video chat significantly improve digital banking system.

1.  Advanced Customer Care

This is the whole icing on the cake. Enabling video chat in banks boost customer engagement and satisfaction. It brings trust and reliability between the bank and a customer. Customers can easily solve any issue they have with their bank, inquire about anything they don’t understand, and ask questions without stress through video chat. Also, a customer can easily express his/her self with a live chat easily, that what makes it spectacular.

2.  Prevent Overcrowding/traffic

Instead of people coming to the bank to resolve little issues in their account, they can easily turn on chat app and hook up with their account manager or a customer service personnel to do it. This will prevent overcrowding in the bank by 45 percent and thus this will streamline bank processes and reduces extra bank cost. It will reduce the queue in banks, makes the customer happy and in addition, will attract more customers.

3. Account Confirmation

Users also have to wait for their account confirmation but by providing a live chat facility in banks and other online payment systems, customers can get instant confirmation through live chat agents. This will drastically save time and hasten account setup.

4.  A video is a big option for Voice Call


While getting help through a telephonic helpline, the client has to go through a number of steps and follow IVR guidelines to reach the exact service center. With the help of a video chat application in the banking site or in the app or even using Skype for the purpose, the interaction with the banking officials will be easier. With the help of the video chat applications, the clients can contact the administration and solve their problems from anywhere at any time. Along these lines, CSRs can investigate the issues immediately.

5.  Easy Interaction

Some exchanges include one-way video in which the client can see the customer service rep, yet the customer service rep can't see the client. The live chat from the teller improves the client's involvement by speaking to the bank in an expert way and taking into consideration the customized, branchlike benefits.

In spite of industry worries that expanded digitization will reduce compatibility and relationship building; video chat is the best tool to deliver personalized and excellent services to the customers in this computerized world.

6.  Non-verbal communication

Despite the individual obstruction that appears to exist with virtual correspondence, video chat is a fabulous software for bank employees to fabricate client association.

Non-verbal communication is a critical component of building compatibility. Also, video talk permits tellers to guarantee that they are looking at the client, utilizing dynamic listening aptitudes to address the client's issues and showing a positive and accommodating manner at all times.

7.  Expanded Engagement

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.” – John Russell

Some clients feel better in a virtual setting and tellers can utilize that expanded solace to manufacture better affinity and engagement. Video chat likewise takes into account a consistent move between banking delegates as the client moves from the underlying communication with a general agent to more specific agents in view of their individual banking needs. This brings in a more elevated amount of client engagement like a branch area, giving an improved branchlike encounter.

After you have a scan through this article, am sure you now know the benefit of implementing a live chat in the banking sector.

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