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5 Proven Strategies to Boost Social Media ROI with Live Chat

Sam Suthar
6 min read
5 Proven Strategies to Boost Social Media ROI with Live Chat

Social Media ROI and Live Chat

How effective is your social media strategy?

Are you making maximum use of your time and financial budget for social media?

Some of the main reasons businesses use social media are to engage with their target audience — answer their questions, get them to review your business, and of course, share helpful content with them and to generate more customers.

In fact, data by Ambassador shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.

social media consumer

Social media is extremely important to the success of your business and using a tool like a social media live chat can help you grow your business.

Live chat can be the easiest ways for your customers to contact you. Because, of course, most of your customers spend most of their time on social media. And not on your website.

If you do a great job in delivering value with live chat, you’re more likely to get more returned and referred customers.

A study shows that 38% of customers said that they have made a purchase due to a good live chat session itself.

consumer respond

So let’s take a closer look at how you can boost your social media ROI and grow your business with live chats.

1. Know the social media platform that’s right for your business

Choosing the right social media platform to use for marketing is crucial to the success of your social media marketing campaign. You don’t just register on any network and slap your content and start marketing.

If you want to see significant results, you should take your time to choose the social media that’s right for your business.

The first thing you should do is to determine your buyer’s persona or customer profile or develop one. It will help you to know exactly the social media platform your target customers will likely be in. Data from Statista show that 60% of Snapchat users in the U.S. are under the age of 24.

snapchat user

If through a market research you discover that your target users are under 24, then Pinterest and Snapchat is the ideal social media platform to use. Go right there and hunt, connect with them, engage and support them, and win their hearts.

That doesn’t mean you’re not going to use other social media platforms. Some of your ideal customers will still be on other platforms.

But you should give more attention to the platform that has more of your audience and spends less time on other social networks.

snapchat users

2. Set your social media ROI goal

Defining your social media ROI goal is also one of the most important first steps you don’t want to miss before starting your social media campaign.

If you don’t set your goal, you won’t be able to determine whether your campaign is a success or otherwise.

Do you want to create awareness, generate new customers or revenue? Whatever, you think will be regarded as benefits from all your social media activities can be regarded as your social media ROI goal.

And it's important that it’s a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and TIme bound) goal.

i). Specific: You should not set a generic goal. Don’t say I want to get likes on Facebook. Instead say, I want to achieve X number of likes from Y category of people. For example, I’d say I want to get 1,000 likes from B2B business owners.

Fortunately, if you’re running ads, Facebook allows you to target a very specific audience as you may desire. When you mentioned the category of people you want to attract, you are being specific.

ii). Measurable: You should be able to measure the success of your goal. Say you want to get likes from B2B business owners, cool. How many likes? 1,000 likes. That means you can measure it. When you get 1,000 likes, you’ve achieved your goal.

iii). Achievable and Realistic: Also, I know nothing is impossible if you put your mind and resources to it. But if you know your resources and manpower can’t allow you to get 100 million likes in 1 month, don’t make that your goal.

Finally set a time to achieve your goal.

So a great social media ROI goal will be like, I want to get 100k Facebook likes in 10 months from B2B marketers. Depending on your industry, you can still make it more specific.

The good thing about setting your goal is that it’ll allow you to concentrate on engaging with people who matter to your business. It’ll also help you stay organized and make maximum use of your time.

3. Initiate a chat at the right time

Assuming you want to support your customers on Facebook, using a live chat will make a great choice for a smooth communication. This chat could be integrated into your website or you could use an independent chatbot on your website.

Some people complain of not seeing results from their live chats. Well, I think it’s because of the wrong approach to live chats. There are a thousand and one case studies of businesses having success with live chats.

For example, The Sun received 80% increase in sales inquiries addressed through the chat channel since launch.

Imagine a live chat agent asking you what they can help assist you with immediately you land on their website?

Well, I’ll close end the chat if that’s the case.

It’s important that you initiate the chat at the right time. But when is the right time?

Allow your customers to get value from the content that led them to your website first. After a while, when they have read up to 60% of your content, you can now initiate a chat in an attempt to answer any question they may have.

Neil Patel used this strategy and saw a dramatic increase in inquiries that lead to new business. You too could also benefit from using live chats on your website.

4. Timing is of the essence

Did you say you offer 24/7 customer service? Oh, just 8 hours, right?

Well, that time is great but have you considered your international clients? Your timezone might not be the same if you don’t run a local business. So, you’ve got to know the time zone of your audience and adjust your customer service timing to suit them.

You could outsource it if it goes beyond the scope of your employees’ working hours. Whatever, you do, don’t be the kind of brand that won’t answer their live chat messages for 24 hours. It’d have been better you didn’t have a live chat instead.

Live chats are designed to provide quick responses to customers query. But if you’re not there when your customer needs you, how do you intend to achieve your goal. And it’ll kill your business gradually. It’s important you always be active in your live chat during your specified working hours.

The time you also post on social media is also very important.

According to over 20 studies, here’s an infographic that shows the best times to post on Facebook.

facebok post

According to QuickSprout, the best time to post on Facebook is by 1:00 pm to get the most shares and 3:00 pm to get the most clicks.

And the best time to tweet:

tweets timing

For Twitter, the time is 12 - 3 pm, and for LinkedIn, it’s in the evening by 8:00 pm.

5. Use the right call to action and at the right time

This is extremely important. However, most brands do it the wrong way.  Facebook can be a great lead generation engine if used properly.

You could slide in some of your products links that are related or are useful to the conversation.

Don’t be overly advertorial — and only point to information that can benefit your audience.

And on social media, sharing your content on social media doesn’t have to be boring, it’s great to add some tips from your content before sharing. Then don’t forget to add your call to action. Tell your audience to check out your content.

Here’s an example by Kevan Lee of Buffer. He didn’t just post a link. He said something and nudged his audience to check it out.

social media facebook post


No one does marketing to fail.

In order to succeed with your social media strategy, consider adding a live chat to your Facebook page and your website + putting more effort in engaging with your customers, supporting them, and helping them can help boost your social media ROI significantly.

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