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Acquire Announces 6 New Integrations with Messaging Platforms

Rohma Abbas
Head of Content
2 min read
Acquire Announces 6 New Integrations with Messaging Platforms

Delivering a great customer experience means meeting your customers wherever they are online — be it on social media or third-party customer messaging platforms. Acquire is pleased to announce six new integrations with the following: WhatsApp, TalkDesk, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, and Kakao. 


Enable your customers to talk to your support teams with Acquire’s WhatsApp integration.  Messages sent through WhatsApp will directly route to your support teams’ dashboards in Acquire, keeping all your communication in one place. Let your team respond to WhatsApp messages using Acquire Live Chat or enable automation take care of it with Acquire Chatbots.


Customer support over the phone is great, but sometimes you need more “show” and less “tell.” If you’re using Talkdesk to communicate with your customers, use the Acquire Cobrowse integration to get on the same page. Easily initiate a cobrowsing session in seconds. Interact with your customers’ mobile or web screen and guide them to resolution. Access the Acquire-Talkdesk integration in the Talkdesk AppConnect store


Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app. With the Acquire-Telegram integration, Telegram messages will come in as chats to your Acquire dashboard. Like any other incoming interaction, you can use Acquire Live Chat or Acquire Chatbots to respond to the messages. 


If your customers are on WeChat, one of the world’s largest apps, then make sure you’re chatting with them. The latest Acquire-WeChat integration enables your customers to talk to you through WeChat messaging. WeChat messages come in as chats on your team’s Acquire dashboards. Answer messages through Acquire Live Chat, or set up an Acquire Chatbot to respond for you.  


Get your customer support in LINE. With more than 200 million monthly active users, this free mobile messaging app could be your next channel to offer excellent customer service. The Acquire-Line integration pushes all LINE messages straight to your team’s Acquire dashboard. Let your team respond in real-time, or set up an Acquire Chatbot to automate responses for you.


Support your customers faster and better through the Acquire integration with KakaoTalk, one of Korea’s most popular messaging apps. Messages sent from Kakao will appear in your teams’ Acquire dashboards. Respond to messages via Acquire Live Chat or delegate to your preferred Acquire Chatbot.  

Want to connect with more customers? Head on over to the Acquire Help Center and take a peek at our other third-party integrations. If you don’t see the one you need, get in touch with us at

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