Resolve Customer Issues in Real Time Using Acquire and Salesforce Live Agent

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Resolve Customer Issues in Real Time Using Acquire and Salesforce Live Agent

Are you using Salesforce to manage relationships with customers? Then you might be using its live chat tool to talk to them, too. Salesforce Live Agent enables your support and sales teams to chat, in real time, with your customers and website visitors. It’s a great tool to help you connect with your audiences when they need you right now. And our latest integration helps you take that support to the next level.

Introducing the Acquire and Salesforce Live Agent integration. With this integration, when your teams chat with customers or leads online through Salesforce, they can easily escalate conversations into cobrowse sessions. This enables them to see and interact with your visitors’ screens online, in real time.

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the benefits of adding cobrowsing to your Live Agent account and show you what the integration looks like.

Why you should use cobrowsing with Salesforce Live Agent 

Real time customer communication is important today, more than ever. Sixty-four percent of consumers and 80% of business buyers say they expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time, according to Salesforce Research. That trend is only growing with millennials. Cobrowsing is just one way you can offer that level of immediate customer support. Here’s why you should use cobrowsing with Salesforce Live Agent: 

Reduce resolution time 

Seventy-five percent of online customers expect help within 5 minutes. Why not give them what they want, fast? Turn a text-based chat into a quick cobrowsing session in Salesforce Live Agent. Launch a cobrowse session in seconds, and see your resolution time drop.  

Provide a better customer experience

Making customers jump through hoops for support has a negative impact on customer experience. With cobrowsing, your visitors don’t need to install any software. Your support team can connect with them in three seconds. 

Boost online sales

Picture this: Your visitors are stuck on your site (e.g., pricing questions on the checkout page). They can do one of two things:

  • Seek out your help
  • Bounce

With cobrowsing at your teams’ disposal in Salesforce Live Agent, you can see where your visitors are getting stuck in the sales process and prevent them from bouncing. Say hello to more sales. 💰 

What does cobrowsing in Salesforce Live Agent look like?

Once Live Agent and Acquire are connected, your support and sales teams and your visitors can cobrowse with one another. In the below step-by-step, the red-outlined screen represents your customer or visitor’s view, while the blue-outlined screen represents the Salesforce Live Agent user’s view.

Step 1: Your customer clicks to initiate a live chat with your support team right from your website.

Step 2: Once your Live Agent user accepts the chat, the live chat widget opens. At this point, your Salesforce Live Agent user can request to cobrowse with your customer.

  • Your customer will see the chat widget and cobrowse session in their window.
  • Your team member will see the cobrowse window and Salesforce Live Agent dashboard.

Step 3: Your cobrowsing session has started. At this point, the Salesforce Live Agent user can interact with the web page the customer is on — pointing, scrolling, clicking and annotating in real time.

Escalate a phone call into a cobrowse session

In some cases, your customer might choose to call you for web support. The integration allows you to populate a unique cobrowse code that only your customer, a contact in your Salesforce database, will see on your website. Your support team can begin a secure cobrowse session from the Live Agent dashboard by obtaining the cobrowse code from the customer over the phone.

Why pair Acquire and Salesforce Live Agent?

Providing effective support involves resolving your clients’ issues quickly. The biggest advantage of pairing Acquire with Salesforce Live Agent is the ability to see what your customers see online in real time, offer a great customer experience and resolve issues faster.

Curious about integrating Salesforce Live Agent and Acquire? Book a demo with one of our team members to learn more. 

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