How Can Live Chat Build A Better Sales Funnel?

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How Can Live Chat Build A Better Sales Funnel?

In today’s tough competitive market you need to do everything you can to make your business stand out from the competitors. Over the recent years, live chat has become an increasingly popular technology to boost sales and conversion rate. Businesses are adding a live chat feature to their websites to build a better sales funnel.

The purpose of adding a live chat is that if an online visitor faces issues then they can immediately start the conversation via live chat with an available agent. Visitors will see the chat box popped up on every page, click it and ask their doubt or queries to get real-time solutions from a real person. This can help you to build trust, long-term relation, increase sales and give you an edge over your competitors.

Generating sales online is an ongoing process, not a single event. In today’s digital world, customers are increasingly making online purchases only after doing proper research. They have a lot of questions and thus make proper analysis before hitting the buy button. You need to implement proper marketing and sales strategies to convert prospects into paying customers.

Excellent customer service can go together with good sales results. Sales can be improved significantly by using live chat to instantly resolve customer’s questions and issues. They are surely bound to come back for better customer service and experience. Instead of focusing on selling your products or services, you need to aim to change the regular purchasing transaction into an enjoyable experience.

Live Chat in the Sales Funnel

The online sales funnel has changed significantly.  Shopping has changed— shifting from in-store to online. People spend more time exploring and comparing products and services before making direct contact with a sales representative. Adding live chat to your website educates and empowers customers with relevant information. It starts with creating awareness among customers about your brand, to developing an interest in your product or services, finally leading to a decision process and the sale. Live chat is between the interest and decision stage of your sales funnel.

According to study, over 81% of online shoppers conduct research before making any purchase.

Some people who stop by your site may have several questions on their mind that they want to be answered before they make a purchase, like— “Does this dress come in black?”, “I can’t find the measurement of 3XL?”, “Can I get this before the holidays”, “Will this ring me fit?”. These are some of the easy transactional questions that must be answered by your team (or find the answer to) quickly.

They need some information about common insights about your product, services or brands, some particular details about rival’s product or brands, or maybe just want to know whether a product meets the need of the customer. For new team members, these questions can be challenging, and if they can’t answer on time, they may lose the sale.

To boost the sales with live chat customer service representatives should plan the marketing strategy and should be aware of all the products and services they are offering. It can help your employee to provide the perfect service that your prospects may seek from your side. Live chat helps in generating more sales and fulfills customer expectations.

So, here are a few ways how live chat can help you build a better sales funnel.

Educate, Engage and Sell

Every business wants to boost their revenue and sales and take their business to the next big level. Live chat is a great way to educate, engage and show value to the prospects. Regardless of how you implement the live chat and do it, launching your business as an authority of trust and source of education is the key vogue of brands and businesses today.

People Trust People, Not Just Website!

Though everything has gone digital, still people have fear when it comes to shopping online, especially new websites. Many people abandon their cart just because of the security fear. Co-browsing is the best way that can help you to provide the best customer service in the era of tough competition.

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If implemented correctly, a live chat window can even add a personal touch to the customers. Live chat software helps to connect your customer support agent to the customers. Live chat boosts customer engagement and conversion rate. A report shows that customers are more likely to buy from the websites offering live chat feature. Live chat agent can even proactively start the communication and can guide them with the best products as per their need. This will make the customer feel appreciated, and also help to build a long-term relationship with the customer.

Qualify Leads on the Spot

When it comes to conversion rate, we should remember that the main motive is to make people end up buying your products. Your end goal is always to boost sales.

There are lots of OLD ways to attract more qualified leads. Today in this tough competitive world, you need to have your leads go through a sales process or marketing automation to “qualify” them.

After interacting with website visitors in real-time, it becomes easier to predict the probability that they will turn into paying customer or not. Live chat can be an effective sales tool provided that you follow right and good practices:

Failing to incorporate live chat option in your website can drive customers away. The power to get queries answered in real time is a convincing draw for customers, and that alone makes a live chat a worthy investment.

By adding live chat on their website, businesses are opening the door for better sales. It lets customer service representative interact with customers and know where they are in the process, and what their issues or concerns are. That means they can lead the prospects through the sales funnel in real-time and direct them towards buying.

Final Words:

Adding live chat to your website can give some great magical effects. If used rightly, it can significantly increase your sales beside enhancing customer service and improving lead generation.

If you want to make more sales, make sure to provide a quality service. You can’t just sit back and hope prospects get in touch when they aren’t sure. You must be practical in your approach. Get your data analyzed, target the right website visitors and optimize over time.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not just a numbers’ game. It’s all about getting to know your prospects, understand what they’re looking for and let them know you are there to help.

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