16 Lead Generation Questions You Thought You Had Answered But Haven’t!

Laduram Vishnoi
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16 Lead Generation Questions You Thought You Had Answered But Haven’t!

Business, as the name suggests seems as wide a term as the prospects it honest. Someone once wisely said, “Starting up a business seems easy, but working on it, and growing it is where the difficulty arises”; and that person said it correctly! For anyone who wishes to grow their business, developing the right contacts, planning out a process, and working towards converting their work into tangible outputs seems quite a task. And if we’re talking about tasks that seem difficult, lead generation should top the list.

Lead generation, as the name suggests, refers to the process of stimulating and capturing interest in a particular product or service, for the purpose of developing sales. And with the sales (also read as End Goal) being one of the most important aspects of any business, every single step would make a huge impact on your overall sales.

Here’s presenting a list of 16 questions based on lead generation that anyone running a business thinks he/she has answered, but might not have. Trust us it’ll go a long way in helping you solve your business development problems.

1. Do you have an explainer video ready?

Research suggests that more than 80% of net surfers looming through the dark allies of the internet prefer watching videos of what they’re searching for, rather than reading content.

Videos give buyers more insightful, crisp, and extremely intuitive descriptions of products/services that the business owners wish to sell. An explainer video posted online would give the user a better real-life imagery of what they’re going to buy into. And, as the famous rule of thumb states, people only prefer to invest into things that they’re able to grasp and understand better.

Let’s take an example of They have created an explainer video about what their product offer. The video showing the customers a full functioning all features, with explanations about all the detailed features; in such as case, the customer would be able to understand what the product has to offer, and would thus have better priority of buying the same.

acquire live chat


2. Is your CTA clearly visible?

In the jargon famously used in the world of marketing, CTA refers to a “Call to Action” button or sign that helps the prospective clients/customers to be able to reach out to the company using texts such as: “Call us now”, “Find out more”, etc.


The visibility of your company’s CTA is extremely important. If a buyer/lead sees it clearly, and more often, there are likely chances that he/she would use it.

But, do keep it in mind that using it almost ‘everywhere’ (after every few lines on your website), would really annoy the consumer.

3. Have you decided your target market?

As obvious as this question might seem, there are still hundreds of business owners who tend to skip answering it. Consider the example of a business owner who has just started working in the domain of graphics and design. The products and services provided by him include logo design, web design, and basic video making.

Since the person isn’t sure about his target audience, he broadcasts his marketing strategy to cover almost every aspect that lies in and around the three aforementioned (and extremely wide) fields. Now, due to his lack of knowledge about his target market, he produces generic marketing of design, and thus loses out on what his actual clients could be.

4. Does your sales team use live chat tools?

Selling products/services online has its pros and cons. But amongst its biggest disadvantages, lies the fact that there is a very less face-to-face interaction between the client and the sales team, at least initially. Before setting up any official sales team for your products, do keep in mind to set up an online and live chat tool for your sales team. This allows the prospective consumers to help resolve any queries.

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5. Do you have any lead generation process ready?

A wise man once said, “A dream without a strategy doesn’t go too far.” Take this as the #101 of business. Draw out a lead generation plan, hire the right set of people to do it, train them to manage their tasks, guide them with predefined and preplanned cases and instances, and figure out the roles of every single person: from the person who starts the deed, to the person who closes the deal.

6. Do you have any lead generation script ready?

As discussed above, a lead generation strategy involves drawing out a proper script, which has “flow-chart diagrams” (if need be), to help out the team have a question or response ready for every comment they receive from the other side. This helps in reducing tangible & conclusive results for every conversation that is carried out with clients.

7.  Do you have sterling downloadable (email pop up option) to obtain more mail addresses?

Lead generation is all about having a mass audience to target. It is believed that, for every 100 people who've reached out to, there’s a chance that only 10 might be interested in finding out more. Thus, having more number of options to reach out to, helps in more chances of converting those numbers.

8. Are you creating diversified content (on regular basis) to help your users?

In times where survival of the fittest is a trendless common than the survival of the ‘updated’, it is of key importance for your clients to stay up to date with the ins and outs about what’s new. This involves regular updating of the content you provide to the world (especially your clients), with more diversity, and a better perspective. Believe it or not, but this question needs to be answered in a major fashion. You wouldn’t want your customers leaving you for lack of updated information.

9. Do you have a de-cluttered landing page?

It has been more than once that I might have reached a page, which is so cluttered and mismanaged, that I have had to rather skip the whole website altogether. REMEMBER: Simplicity is the key!

Keep it simple, and you’d be good to go. Every major product or services based company, including Apple, Google, or Microsoft, have the simplest of landing pages, with justified text, aligned product images, and mapped out product/services details. Here is a perfect example of landing page.


10. Do you participate in a community like Quora or other?

The term “Corporate Humanisation” must be something that you might not be directly familiar with, but the idea that lies behind it is simple and very effective. If I wish to buy a product from a company, I’d want to be loyal to it, similarly, I’d want the company to be equally responsive to my needs and any questions that I need to be answered. This is where social networking and websites such as online forums (mainly Quora, etc.) come into the picture.

11. Do you go to planning events, expos or any other events that can help you in generating leads?

A recent study showed that 85% jobs in the States are now being filled using only ‘Networking’. In a world where so much importance is given to networking and face-to-face interactions, it seems only legit that your leads come from the same.

Interacting with your target market gives you a direct advantage of knowing their reactions, their concerns, and their decisions.

12. Are you actively participating in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ community?)

A person today, between the ages of 15 to 80, spends roughly about 3-4 hours on the internet and on their smartphones regularly. People from various parts of the world check their Facebook newsfeeds more often than they check their SMS messages.

Using social media and networking websites to produce and broadcast quality content online gives a direct interaction of major businesses with consumers. Consumers get to witness the ideas produced by the company directly, without separately having to visit their websites.

13. Do you have sales funnel ready?

A roadmap drawn out for lead generation is important, but what’s even more important is the path that follows. Driving out a proper sales strategy, after the leads have been generated, and during the sales, deal-closing is a process to look out for.

14. Do you have marketing collateral ready?

Imagine a situation wherein you come to a conference or a meeting with a bunch of people that might really help you out with your business, or maybe the setting up of a stall in one of the conventions that you just planned to crash. Rule of thumb: Never forget to have marketing collateral of your company ready with you, both online and offline.

Business cards are useful, but they’re so old school in comparison to better-looking brochures, pamphlets, and the likes. Never underestimate the power of pretty colored sheets of paper.

15. Does your website load fast?

Ever come across a web page that takes more than about 10 seconds to load? There are more chances of you either reloading it or moving to some other website instead. Amongst the most annoying things people face on the Internet, slow-loading websites come nearly at the top.

Using the right website hosting services that give you enough space to keep your content intact, with the right development codes used (that don’t start messing with the speed, quality, and smoothness of your website) is fundamental. Never allow your website’s home page (at least the home page) to take more than 10 seconds to load. It really messes with the whole experience.

16. Have you Alpha/Beta tested your website?

An alpha test is usually referred to a test that is carried out either by an in-house testing team or by the development team itself, to check if the website has any serious bugs. Beta testing, on the other hand, basically refers to inviting several known programmers or friends, who weren’t a part of the original development process directly, to check the website on a number of parameters.

Testing, an extremely important part of any software project allows a business to check if their websites/applications have any issues or bugs. The teams receive detailed feedbacks that map out anything and everything that’s right or wrong (or both) about the website.

The final sum

Thus, we’re pretty sure that with these 16 quick questions, you’d be able to better yourself and your business for leads generation and development. As a genius rightly said, “Never be afraid to ask the right questions, but don’t be a fool to not answer the obvious questions first!”

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