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Product Updates: 8 New Features to Help You Convert Visitors into Paying Customers

Sam Suthar
4 min read
Product Updates: 8 New Features to Help You Convert Visitors into Paying Customers

Over the past month, we are working to bring advance improvement to help you deliver best-in-class customer journey, across your sales, support and operation departments.

Introducing 8 new features to help you convert visitors into paying customers

Customize your chat widget

Customize the behavior of your chat widget and set it according to your workflow. Customize the look and feel of your chat messenger, make it visible, by customizing elements of your live chat window like the theme, color, button, custom messages and create a chat widget which resonates your brand value.

Create more sophisticated targeted welcome messages for most frequently visited web pages and segment your visitors with custom attributes to personalized engagement.

Reply with media rich files

Swiftly address customer queries by sending knowledge base links, images and screenshots in one click. There are times when your agents are unable to resolve query with simple text, the agent in such cases can officiate the conversation by inserting images and engaging call to action.

live chat software

Help your audience to help themselves

Help your customer find a quick resolution to their queries with our “Ask a question” section.  The semantic search bar located in your chat widget allows your users to enter the search query and instantly look for the information.

Tip:  Figure out “search keywords” and create tags associated with the keyword to make it easier for users to search the relevant articles.

Integrate knowledgebase in chat messenger

Track Conversion

Track the potential of your visitor journey by funneling their actions into smaller milestones. Set up conditions that indicate the successful completion of transaction -  like click on URL, filling out a form, etc. which once fulfilled qualifies visitors for the next stage.

Tips: This is an excellent way to detect friction in the user journey and what concerns they have while interacting with your product or service.

Book a Meeting

You can invite qualified visitors for a detailed demo or presentation with a book a meeting button configured on your chat widget. You can use the calendly app to share your availability with leads during a conversation, so they can book time in your calendar.

Book a Meeting with live chat tool

Leave a chat note

Chat notes allow a team to share information about an ongoing conversation. Chat notes are hidden from the customers and are essentially used to give proper context about the conversations to other team members. When multiple team members are involved in a conversation, members can collaborate and initiate a private discussion to bring quick expedition by leaving a chat note.  

Note: You can leave a private note only when multiple agents are working on the same conversation.

Access chat history

Often you get an authenticated visitors coming back to your web chat widget and start the conversation from where he has left, in such scenarios, you need to refer the past conversations to provide a contextual conversation experience to the visitor.

With our new update, you and your agent can access the visitors' chat history or chat transcript right from the widget, without having to switch between tabs and going back to the dashboard, the information is accessible from the chat widget across multiple devices. This totally eliminates the need to ask your agent to send old transcripts.

Add powerful apps to your chat messenger

Visit your new app store to see the selection of apps available. You can choose and install apps from Salesforce, Zendesk, to Slack and Facebook.

Seamlessly integrate customer data into the App. Have a unified and contextual view of the customer data. Address conversations on Acquire and sync it to your App.

Unify all your conversation in one place.  Map data fields to capture, nurture and convert leads from your App to provide a one-time quick resolution to your customers.

  • Get Notified on your App once a chat is initiated on Acquire.

  • Maintain the context by continuously synching chat history in your integrated App.

  • Map contacts, lead or Account details to your App for a unified customer view.

  • Export chat history ( chat transcript ) to your integrated App. Qualify and convert customers by accessing chat data.

Note: You can choose to display different apps for visitors and logged in users, to tailor your Messenger Home to the most useful actions for each.

Want to see the features in action? Log in or pick up for a demo

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