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How Customer Service Changed? Shifting from In-store to Online

Laduram Vishnoi
5 min read
How Customer Service Changed? Shifting from In-store to Online

There was a time when being a consumer, you did not have many options when it came to dissatisfaction about the quality of products and services. When there was a time of in-stores shopping, people used to visit the store to return or replace the product and there was no guarantee of sellers listening to them quietly and treat properly.

Also, consumers did not have many platforms to voice their opinions like today and those disastrous experiences used to be hidden in the hearts of the consumers. If you are a young person who uses social media networks and shops online, you must find it crazy, but once upon a time, it was a sheer and naked reality.

Well, just like any other thing on the planet, the customer service too evolved in recent years and we cannot thank enough to the digitization and technology for its exceptional role in giving so much power in the hands of customers. Here, we will discuss some of the factors that need brief deliberations about the way the customer service has changed in recent times.

Customer centric model

Business owners now do understand the importance of customer service and also know that customers have many options to praise or diss the company. If they are not satisfied with the product or services the brand offers, they will not hesitate to give their voices through different mediums and the situation may get worse too. You cannot jeopardize your online reputation in today’s cut throat competitive and digitalization era. It will be a serious blow to the credentials of the company.

customer centric model

Also, you need to understand the simple fact that online buyers do give importance to online reviews and feedbacks and if you don’t score well there, your brand will suffer a lot.

All the sellers, nowadays, are coming up with new strategies and supportive features to enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Either it is live video chat introduction or cashback offers. They know that just offering high quality products or services don’t work now, you need to come up with splendid offers, 24×7 availability and instant problem solving facilities.

Customer controls now

Customers did not have that many options that they have now. From social media networks to online review portals, live chat, video support, call centre services and many more features have made a simple customer ‘the king’ who expects to be treated like’ a superhero’ by the sellers. If he gets confused on your website, you have to offer a helping hand and that too quickly.


Traditionally, customers were vulnerable and the competition was not as tough as it is right now. If a customer does not like your service or product or simply, your too low response, he has many other options to choose from and he will simply move away. You cannot afford this and that is the reason, sellers nowadays spend millions to understand the buying patterns and behaviours of customers.

Customers know everything

Also, in the times of in-store, people did not have much information and data about the product features and specifications. They used to believe what a seller has to say about the product. Now, you can find information about almost anything and everything on the internet. Also, there are specific websites available that offer product comparison charts and blogs that help customers to make buying decisions. They have online reviews, blogs, articles, social media reviews and plenty of companies offering same products they want to buy.

If a seller thinks that he can fool the customers by any means, he is surely mistaken. There are chances that your customer knows about your products more than you know. They have knowledge, data and other information that affect their buying patterns and behaviours and you constantly need to come up with different customer service strategies for them.

Sellers offer customers multiple ways to communicate

This is something that customers genuinely find a viable and perfect solution. If you are a seller, you need to come up with different ways to communicate with your customers. Traditionally, it was not possible for sellers, but today, most of the renowned sellers are coming up with communication mediums and you can see the introduction of live chat and video support are the examples of the same.

acquire live chat

Phone calls are just too old-fashioned

Till 1995, customers had only one way to communicate with sellers and that was phone calling facility. Well, the scenario has changed dramatically and now phone calling is used as a last option by customers as there are many more effective and quick mediums available to customers like real-time live chat support, video support and other services.

Social media is a revolutionary platform that has given a paradigm shift to the customer service model

The above sub heading is not at all an overstatement and you have to believe that the social media has empowered customers like no others. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube have changed the way customers used to response and nowadays, customers can directly tag the brand name and write anything and everything, good or bad on online forums and you cannot simply do anything.

social media customer service

If your brand is not present on the social media forums, you cannot simply survive. The beauty of the social media networks is that you can directly contact the particular customer and approach them quickly. Also, social media platforms are one of the cheapest mediums for promotion and marketing. If you are coming up with new products or discount offers, your valuable customers will surely visit your place.

Customers too find social media platforms very relevant as compared to other online blog forums since they can actively participate in the discussions and debate on different pages and groups. They also can share their experiences, good or bad, about the brands on the official pages of the brands that will be seen by millions of viewers.

The evolution in the after sales service

Well, it is also an important customer service factor that has evolved after the introduction of digitization. In earlier times, once the sales deal is closed, sellers used to forget the client. There were limited options when it comes to returning and replacing products. Even customers did not expect much from the sellers. Well, as you can see, the situation has turned completely reverse.

Companies nowadays accept damaged products too and offer brand new replacements to the customers. Also, sellers do understand the importance of the loyalty factor and try to retain customers by offering different motivational and lucrative deals and offers.

Also, sellers notify customers about new deals and products and other offers. They know very well that customers constantly stay in a vulnerable position and they need to offer after sales services and that too in the quickest manner possible.


Thanks to the digitization and the internet, customers are now at a winning seat and sellers cannot simply ignore the fact that their customer services should be quick, outstanding and customer-centric. You will see the revolutionary features and possibilities in the customer service model in upcoming years to please customers.

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