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Top 4 Benefits of Combining Video Chat with Co-Browsing to Increase Sales

Laduram Vishnoi
6 min read
Top 4 Benefits of Combining Video Chat with Co-Browsing to Increase Sales

Applications are developed that allow the consumers to file a recovery claim right from the accident site via an app and that too without the physical presence of the concerned authority for doing the inspection.

With all these things going around, sitting around for a few minutes for getting a response from a customer service executive can be as frustrating and annoying as hell. The technology that exists in the contemporary is well equipped to provide customers with a real-time customer service and the customers expect their service providers to deliver them with the same.

As per a survey, 82% of customers abandon the service provider’s website due to a poor customer service. While 61% of them expected the customer service to be faster, a whopping 73% expect the service to be more easy and convenient for the end user.

Considering all these factors, it can be concluded that customer service is a multi-faceted task that requires the perfect combination of speed, convenience, and human experience for yielding great results.

Co-browsing is the best software to smooth the customer service process and to increase customer engagement and customer service.  Combining co-browsing and video chat it gives the customer a more personalized experience and boosts sales.

In this write-up, we are going to shed light on one of the recent debutants in the world of customer service- a prominent combination of Co-Browsing and Video Chat. Have a look.

How Does Video Chat & Co-Browsing Work Together?

It should not come as a surprise for the customer service providers to realize that the video call in combination with Co-Browsing results in a drastic increase in the business and reduction in the cart abandon rate.

While Co-Browsing enables the service providers to deliver a high-tech and rich experience to the customers, in combination with video call, the customers can have a more personalized communication with their agent.

There have been numerous communication options available to the customers in the past, but they were not equipped to solve the issue of putting a face to a name that appeared online.

Video chat has just made this possible and is thus has revolutionized the world of communication. And combined with Co-browsing, it’s nothing less than a cherry on the cake!

Role of Video Chat & Co-Browsing in the Sales

If you are still wondering about the role that video chat and co-browsing play in the customer engagement and sales verticals, slow down and read the below-mentioned pointers-

1.  More Proactive. More Trust

While interacting via video chat, the customer can explain to the agents what all issues he/she is encountering while browsing their websites and the agents will, in turn, provide a solution for their issues.

Video chat when integrated with co-browsing enables the agents can quickly take over the screen of the customer and explain to them the things that have gone wrong.

It ensures that the customers get to have a direct visual interaction with the agents who help them to sort out all their issues and difficulties while browsing the website. This decreases the frustration level of the customer and helps in elevating the trust level.

For instance, if a customer browses a software website and wants to have a better insight into the features of a software, a live working of the software can turn out to be more beneficial than a mere description.

This is where the agent can help the customer to understand the working of the software with a much better understanding.

2.  Prompt Engagement with Customers

In the contemporary times, people like to do all their shopping from the online portals, right from the comfort of their homes. However, they also don’t want to miss out on the real-time experience of talking to the salespeople for the clarification of their queries and doubts. This is where; video chat with co-browsing comes into play.

For instance, if a customer wants to have a better look at the dress that he wants to buy, he can let the agent know and the agent can show the customer the entire dress from all the angles and its material and give the customer a closer look.

Not only the customers will get a chance to have a video chat with the agent, but along with the co-browsing feature, they will also get the convenience of getting their issues such as faulty site browsing or inability to find the similar products, solved right at the same moment.

Hence, video chat with co-browsing feature increases sales and deliver excellent customer service to the customers.

co browsing

3.  Easy Integration in Both Desktop & Mobile

Mobile and web are the two most critical channels today and therefore are empowered with the power of co-browsing feature.

Deploying this technology ensures easy and on-the-spot communication between the customer and the agent, regardless of the channel that is being used by the customer.

Since most of the users are always on the move and their mobile is the only thing that remains with them at all points of time, the video chat feature when integrated into their mobile with the co-browsing feature helps them to connect with the agent, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, only a few people have the time to search for a particular feature or find it difficult to do so. Therefore, the integration of the co-browsing feature with video chat works very well.

4.  Minimizes Cart Abandon Rate

cart abandonment

With an average cart abandon rate of 78%, shopping cart abandonment is a significant issue for the online portals. Issues such as website glitches or inability to find something they want, force the customers to end up in a situation where they switch to a different retail website.

Once the customers abandon the website and quit the shopping process, it gets next to impossible to get them back to your website.

Not only this demands a lot of time investment but also a huge monetary investment in adopting various methods for getting the customer back.

Video chat in combination with co-browsing feature can improve this situation dramatically by enabling the agents to guide the customer through their entire website by being a host to them.

The entire interaction between the customer and the agent helps in clearing the doubts that come up in minds of the customers via a video session. Therefore, this instant interaction which is similar to a face to face interaction with an agent in the store assures the customers and ensures that he/she proceeds to purchase a product and complete the transaction.

Thus, this ends up in eliminating the cart abandon rate without investing any extra resources from the part of the website owner.

When Live Chat Saved Me during Online Shopping

Talking out of a personal experience, co-browsing, when combined with video chat, ensures a great reduction in the level of frustration that a user might experience and an increase in the efficacy rate of the business.

While browsing through one of the websites that host data recovery solutions and software, I was experiencing some glitches and was finding it difficult to find the perfect software to recover my data.

The customer agent guided me through the website with the help of the co-browsing feature. He took over my screen and helped me to select the software that was suited to all my data recovery needs.

Since I had a few more queries regarding the products, the agent chose to communicate further with me via Video chat. This enabled me to get more familiar with the agent and it gave me a genuine feeling of talking to him in person and sharing my doubts in a more personalized manner.

In any other case, I would have left the website and would have chosen a website with a more elaborate explanation of the products, their features, and their specifications.

Similar to the experience that I underwent, there are scenarios wherein a website user needs to have more assistance. In such cases, it gets necessary for the agent to take a step further and communicate with the customer via video chat.


In a nutshell, co-browsing, when combined with video chat, enables the brands to attract more and more customers and engage them. It has been proved that the customers are more likely to stay on the website wherein their queries are answered in a more personalized manner.

Thus, video chat and co-browsing impart this experience to the customers and keep them engaged to your website.

If you are looking forward to see your business elevating on the path of success by increasing your sales, then this is one of the options that will help you out in the long run by building relations with your customers.

Acquire offers some of the best extensions that combine video chat with co-browsing and enable your customer agents to solve the queries of the clients in a more personalized manner. For more information about the co-browsing and video chat collaboration, click here

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