7 Ways Co-browsing Can Transforms Customer Service

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7 Ways Co-browsing Can Transforms Customer Service

Having a great customer service is everything. It will generate more loyal customers for your brand. Considering that the cost to acquire new customers is 25X higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer.

A new study shows that on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10X as much as their first purchase.

loyal customers

Co-browsing eliminates the challenges customer support agents encounter while trying to help customers resolve their problems. No need to wait for several days for your emails to be replied, you get a seamless real-time customer experience. It’s truly an amazing technology that is transforming customer service experiences.

That said, here are ways co-browsing is helping transform brands improve their customer service:

1)    Co-browsing help in onboarding new customers

"New customers come from the action of past customers." - Eric Ries

Most marketers think that the moment a customer signs up for their product they have won the customer. But, they might be wrong.

The first stage in the onboarding process is to encourage the prospect to sign up, and the next stage is for them to try or purchase your product.

And that’s exactly where co-browsing come in handy. Co-browsing is that quick and easy way to move new leads that have just signed up but needs a helping hand on how to use your website effectively.

Through co-browsing, the customer service agent can share browser with the prospect, answer their questions, dissolve their doubts, and nudge them to purchase the product or try it.

ATMs shared an exclusive case study of how a clothing store used collaborative browsing (i.e., co-browsing) to inspire new prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Banks, Insurance companies, Car dealer, Mobile phone operator, and a lot more have had success stories through co-browsing — you should use it too.

Co-browsing is really that helpful. Because if the prospect (and sometimes, the customer) is not satisfied at this stage of the onboarding funnel — either they got confused or didn’t understand how to navigate your website, you can’t successfully win their hearts.

The way to go about moving your prospects from the top of the funnel (when they just signed up) to a long-term active customer is to give them an excellent and seamless onboarding process through co-browsing.

You don’t want to lose a customer as a recent study revealed that a “1% difference in churn can have a 12% impact on company valuation in 5 years.”

2)    Co-browsing help in troubleshooting problems and solutions

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Your clients don’t have to leave your website because they have challenges using your software.

Co-browsing agents help prospects and customers resolve their problems as though you’re sitting right beside them. You can access your customer’s screen to be able to fix their issues quickly.

But make no mistakes, you can only access their browser and no other parts of their screen. That way, your customers can still keep their privacy.

In fact, they can also decide to hide certain parts of their browser which are sensitive. So, while you can access their screen, they still have control over what you can see.

Your customers can also decide to make a voice or video call to help explain their challenges to you — that way, you can easily understand what they are experiencing and support them.

Customers in a recent study complained that customer service agents failed to answer their questions 50% of the time.

customer service agents

Well, it happens at times because their questions were not clear enough, which made it pretty difficult for the customer service agents to answer.

But with co-browsing, where every channel of effective and practical communication is activated to help resolve your customer’s problems, that complain could be eliminated.

3) Online application and form completion

In filling online applications, most times, people get confused about what to enter into a particular field. It can be frustrating if there is no one to ask and get help from. Web forms are transactions — your customers fill them out in exchange for value.

For example, Brian and Jones just found their dream home. They are excited. They huddled around the computer to complete a mortgage application. In the process, they ran into some challenges.

They quickly called their bank's customer service center and launched a co-browsing session. A mortgage consultant immediately gets online to help them in the process.

With the mortgage consultant, Brian, and Jones looking at the same information at the same time, they were able to complete the application in minutes. They also got all their questions answered in the process.

Another example, you’re about to register with an insurance firm and all you’ve got to do is to log into their website, fill out their forms, and submit before you can get in.

During this process, it’s possible that certain functionalities are not working, a co-browsing agent could be of great help at this point.

Again, you find a field that requests information about something you have no idea about.

No one likes filling out forms. It sucks. But you can make it enjoyable with co-browsing as a standby assistant for your customers — if they ever need to ask any question.

When I visit a bank to open an account, I still have a lot of questions to ask about some certain form fields, more so, when you’re filling the forms online.

4)    Protecting Private Information (masking confidential details)

"To give real service, you must add something which can not be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." -Douglas Adams

Co-browse is an effective channel to provide personal support. If customers are facing any issue they can share their screens with the agent using co-browsing technology while they can constraint the agent to access other tabs which contain sensitive information.

Agent asks customers to enter credit card details; agent assures a client that the fields are masked so he cannot see his credit card details. With this customer feels confident about providing sensitive details.

protect sensitive details of customer

5)    Co-browsing help in online sales and support

Co-browsing helps marketers move their customers faster to the bottom of the sales funnel. A lot of customers complain of having difficulties completing their order.

Often times, they can’t get someone to complain to — so they simply abandon the shopping cart and move to another website.

According to Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Baymard Institute

Think about that. For every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave without purchasing. How much would your revenue increase if you were capturing those sales instead of losing them?

In the same vein, for every 500 potential customers, 335 will leave your checkout page without purchasing. Imagine how much you'll make if you were capturing all the sales instead of losing them?

For example, if you're currently doing $20,000/month, converting the abandoned 25% orders into sales will make you an extra $60,000 each year.

Co-browsing helps you curb the rate at which people abandon your shopping cart -- and helps your customers complete their orders seamlessly.

Not to forget that about 25% of customers complained that they left their shopping cart without purchasing because the website navigation was too complicated.

If there was a co-browsing experience, it’d have been easier because the customer will get a real-time assistant.

6)    Increased customer satisfaction

Interaction with the customers has become simple and effective for businesses with the advancements of new technologies. They can easily communicate with the customers and prospects and can provide real-time solutions to their queries. Using real-time features like co-browsing, agents will be able to see customer’s browser and customers will get the resolution of their issues speedily, this will boosts customer satisfaction. Moreover, customers can see what an agent is doing and this will build a level of trust between the brand and customer. This will help to retain old customers and attract new customers.

7)    Co-browsing in personalizing the customer experience

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary” – Sam Walton Founder of Walmart

Yes, tools like chatbots, surveys, and polls are great but they can’t replace the human touch. They can’t replace the personalization that customers want.

Customers want to work with real people as though they were in real offline shops.

With Co-browsing that can be achieved. You have a personal experience with your customers, you get to know them better and that will also help you provide the best service for them.

It’s easier for a live chat agent to understand the customer better — especially when the customer has been affected emotionally — and just want to ask some emotional questions with respect to the product.

By simply sharing browser with the customer and listening to them attentively, the agent can understand and help them out.


If you want to reduce churn rate and retain more customers, you should consider using co-browsing to build relationships with your customers.

From your customer onboarding process to making sales and to delighting your customers — you need to be there whenever they need you.


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