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How is Co-browsing Influencing the Recruitment Industry?

Laduram Vishnoi
4 min read
How is Co-browsing Influencing the Recruitment Industry?

The search for proper talent is the most challenging issue every business face. Innovation in technology has changed the face of every aspect of business and that includes recruitment industry.

Technology has automated the recruitment process. Earlier, “hiring” means an Ad placed in the newspaper or generic job listings published in recruitment agency sites and waiting for candidates to drop off their resumes.

Recruiting technology will be the next big adoption in the recruitment industry. With the use of recruitment automation tools, time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, and interview scheduling become easy.

The worldwide skill shortage statistics support the open face of this crisis as well. Job seekers can strain through the employer branding before accepting any job invitation. 50% of recruiters believe that the recruitment process will equate with marketing in 5-10 years and 47% of them have already started to merge employer branding with marketing. But these are not enough to match the demand with the candidate flow.

The fix is to replace the conventional way with advanced tools to create a spontaneous flow of job seekers keeping quality in focus.

Collaborative browsing or co-browsing is gaining attention in this issue. It’s a new software-driven technique which permits users a short-term access of the web-browser page of another user long enough to direct their mouse cursor to show or share something to avoid lengthy training sessions.

This tool allows complete demonstration for complex technical issues mingling with the benefits of direct human support for remote cooperation. Securing the humane impact is crucial since it’s a common desire for nearly 60% users worldwide.

The advanced co-browsing tools can be embedded directly within web-pages, and the session starts only by clicking the corresponding button. It requires no third party software downloads demanding time consumption and high budget from user’s end.

Let’s have more detail on this issue.

Co-browsing influencing the recruitment industry

For job recruitment, the most important fact is to understand the proper requirement from both the ends of the employee and employer. Direct communication between employer and employee is the necessity to match both the ends.

Now with the advancement of technology, the hiring process has become speedy. Recruiters can easily find candidates and can find and hire quality talent.

But remote interaction is the challenge for this issue most of the times. This is where co-browsing outruns the high-budget previous means by providing the opportunity to show the direction of choices to each other by using the same page to share every file necessary to know the other end. Co-browsing is the best software to automate your recruitment process.

A study report of Swedish PES has surveyed on the growing need for IT literate PES (Public Employment Service) staffs, which can connect their customers to the proper recruiters for online recruitment meetings.

Secure privacy in every device

Being web-based software, co-browsing tool works not only in desktop, but runs as well in mobile phones to iPhone, iPad, laptop, Mac, PC everything.

Also, privacy is a big issue for new technologies. Here, the co-browsers get access to only those webpage that users have shared. Co-browsing cannot get access to other web pages or other tabs; hence, it’s completely secure. You can go with your confidential information while using it.

A better way to talent hunt

There was a time when it was hard for the recruiters to strain out the relevant group of job seekers judging only on their CV or some all-purpose details. The result? Long queues of aspirants at every interview session. It’s not a healthy condition for emergency recruitment and this costs them a lot.

The advanced technology like co-browsing allows its users to share more relevant data for specialty job searches within a small budget. This fact not only helps the employees but the employers too to go through a screened process to find the right talents at a reduced time-frame and pricing.

Moreover, they can directly contact the preferable candidates through the integrated live chat session while co-browsing from the webpage they both share.

The correlation between smart applications and Instant interviews

The advanced co-browsing implementations with unique features, companies like Acquire are offering, have a significant contribution to simplifying every complexity of job applications. PES staffs are now able to direct their customers to fill every profile detail on their own.

As a result, errors free upload in the first place. Also, the file sharing system of this tool gives them the opportunity to enrich their profile more efficiently and automatically update all the time.

After applying, it is time for the correlation. Now, two co-browsers agreed with the same ideas, and they don’t need to wait for an appointment in a far location for skill testing and wait for results to get employed.

As in Acquire software, offering live communication tools integrated with co-browsing features, employers can instantly ask for a test to the job finders, after a live chat session.

Also, the recruiters can interview a candidate in a video conference adding all the people on the interview board. Thankfully, extra software’s are not needed which waste both the time and your system’s space. These methods help the employers not to leave potential employees only because of the difference in time and location.

Maximum access to people in a minimum time frame

The Arbetsförmedlingen report has observed that the PES staffs using co-browsing tool can answer 12-15 client dialogues within an hour comparing with 5-6 job seekers guided by the PES officers in one hour through phone calls. That’s why the Arbetsförmedlingen is focusing on ‘skills-based routing’ (SBR) to train their staffs with co-browsing literacy.

The reason behind the enhancement in customer experience for the PES industry is hiding beneath the process of co-browsing system, and its high-efficient features.

This tool helps PES agents to study thoroughly through the detail of their customers; keywords they hunt for, the location they belong or seek to get a job, salary statement, job quality, profile strength through previous jobs, shared CV and other online document uploads and companies of interest.

The automated updates create a report on individuals and make the screening process of listing simply while reducing a lot of time and price. The next step is to share the screened list along with relevant video clips or documentation to the individual customers and then go for the other call. The informative files keep the customers busy when the agents attain other people at the same time.

Admittedly, Co-browsing is altering the worldwide recruitment surface rapidly and offering more advanced technologies with a promise for future potentials. So, what’s your take on it?

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