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Acquire Integrates with Data Enrichment Platform Clearbit

Siôn Lawrence
Head of Marketing
3 min read
Acquire Integrates with Data Enrichment Platform Clearbit

What if you could identify all your best leads and engage with them immediately? Now you can through our integration with Clearbit, a marketing and sales business intelligence platform. With this partnership, Acquire and Clearbit customers can better understand who is on their website, pre-signup, and connect with them instantly using Acquire’s real time digital chat and cobrowsing tools. 

What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is a suite of business intelligence tools that give companies insights on their entire marketing and sales pipeline, enriching datasets from IP addresses to CRM contact records (e.g. email address or domain) with 85+ person and company data attributes.

The Acquire integration leverages Cleabit’s powerful Reveal API to combine real time data enrichment capabilities with the power of real time communication. Learn about who your potential leads and customers are with Clearbit and contact them instantly in Acquire. 

Integrate Clearbit and Acquire for real time customer engagement

Integrating Clearbit with Acquire is a quick and simple way for any company with a focus on account-based marketing (ABM) to qualify what sort of prospects are reaching their website and leverage this understanding to communicate with them in real time.

Once you become a Clearbit and Acquire customer, setting up this integration takes seconds. With a simple copy-and-paste of your Clearbit API key, your otherwise anonymous visitor traffic will be instantly enriched within the Acquire dashboard.

A view of the Acquire dashboard.

How to use Clearbit and Acquire  

Now that you have all this enriched web visitor data from Clearbit — what can you do with it in Acquire? 

De-anonymize your live chats

With this integration, you’ll know which company and industry your web visitors come from. All of Clearbit’s matched firmographic attributes are visible in the Acquire dashboard. Expand their Acquire profile to get a more granular look at their data — company name, logo, phone, domain, employee count, revenue, industry segments, and technology usage. All of these attributes can be deployed to tailor messaging and create audience segments. 

An expanded view of an Acquire profile enriched with Clearbit data.

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Qualify web visitors

Get smarter with who you choose to talk to on live chat. With Acquire, you can use Clearbit’s company attributes to create audience filters. Use these filters to screen and de-prioritize non-relevant companies to reduce the burden of non-qualified live chat interactions on your support and sales team. 


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Enhance ABM

Follow through on your ABM efforts to truly understand which of your target accounts are reaching your website, and where, before they sign up. 

Reach out to them with the right message at the right time with dynamically personalized messaging using mobile, web, and email triggers.

Build custom campaigns 

Create customized engagement campaigns for otherwise anonymous visitors by combining company data attributes into audience segments and setting Acquire messaging triggers.

For example:

  • Set up an Acquire filter to segment traffic for all insurance companies with more than 250 employees that are located in the U.S. 
  • Combine this filter with behavioral data such as page location
  • Use this intel to prioritize and screen your outreach as well as replies from Acquire Live Chat
  • Create customized messaging to speak directly to the insurance company and attract their attention: e.g. “Hey, I noticed you are from Acme Insurance, would you like to know how Acme’s competitors use Acquire?”

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More integrations coming soon

We're always working on new integration partnerships so that everyone's tech stack works seamlessly. If you're an Acquire user and have a tool you'd love to see us integrate with, let us know by emailing us at

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