Top 7 Ways to Build Customer Support Funnel To Boost Revenue Through Upselling

Laduram Vishnoi
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Top 7 Ways to Build Customer Support Funnel To Boost Revenue Through Upselling

If you think that the traditional ways of treating your customers will work perfectly for your business in today’s cut-throat competition era, you are surely mistaken. Well, some of the traditional tactics may work, but you cannot rely on them. You need to design a customer support strategy to offer exceptional customer service to your customers and to boost sales and conversions.

As per stats, “80% of companies believe they offer the best customer experience but only 8 percent of customers who have bought from these businesses agree. Businesses that do not use customer support funnel leads to the bad customer experience.

A customer support funnel is a way of streamlining all support requests. When customers are looking for help, they do not want to waste time in figuring out how to get it. Many successful companies use it to identify where they are losing customers, and how to fulfill customer needs and requirements during each stay to build long-term relationships.

Upsells are an important part of your customer support funnel, if done correctly can boost revenue.

As per Forrester research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, “there is an average increase of 10-30% in revenue of ecommerce site through product recommendations.”

You need to design a strategic customer support funnel that can help you in offering the right services to the right customer and with minimum efforts; you can build a loyal clientele.

In this blog, I have mentioned top 7 ways to build a strong customer support funnel to boost sales and revenue through upselling.

1.  Self-service

When a customer comes to know about the product or service you offer, the first interaction is always self-service and it includes about getting first-hand information about the product or service or reading product features and reading articles about the same.

Now, the important thing you need to understand is that they don’t want to talk to your customer representative immediately. They just want to go through your offerings and overcome any questions that may arise from the analysis.

You need to offer self-service options and you need to set it up in a manner that customers don’t have to put up more efforts in getting the right information. Your help center should be easily accessible and they should be able to get answers to their queries in no time.

You can introduce many customer help options like product introductory articles, self-help applications, “call to action” for support, a question box and much more.

2.  Live Chat:

“We are moving more and more towards live chat support, because it makes it easier for us to quickly fix the problem.”- DAVID FREER

It is instantly, engaging and most preferable option by customers who are young and falls in the age group of 15- 45 years. If this age group is your target, you should definitely introduce the live chat support in your customer support funnel. See the chart below:

live chat

According to a study by Software Advice, 56% of users use the live chat support at least once in the whole cycle on the website. Furthermore, more than 39% have used this option more than once and it is fascinating. It directly engages the customers and with a right approach, you can answer the queries and questions of the customers in a best and meaningful manner.

However, this option has one limitation. According to a study, older people don’t use this option more preferably. They still want traditional methods like the phone support and other communication mediums. It is shown in the chart below.

live chat

As you can see, the people who fall in the age group more than 55 years, they are less enthusiastic about using the live chat support option when it comes to communication with the service providers.

However, the live chat option is way too affordable and effective than other communication channels and it will surely be used by the people who are on your website and looking for information and offers. You cannot neglect the importance of it.

Through live chat software if you can convince the customer that upselling is helping them win, then you’ll both win. Upselling can help you build deeper relationships with customers delivering more revenue.

3.  Customer loyalty programs:

This is also important to make customers feel happy and content. The customer loyalty program is actually a reward you give to your customers. Customers who make frequent purchases with you, they deserve to be well treated and a right customer loyalty program will enhance the customer’s experience. There are many programs you can implement like:

customer loyalty programs

a) Use a point system:

You can give points to the customers who frequently purchase from your store. When the numbers become big, you can give complimentary gifts or products to the customer. It will surely work as you are treating the customer with extra care.

b) Ways other than discounts and coupon:

Ensure some other ways by which your customers feel privileged. It is not the monetary thing that works every time. You need to come up with programs like webinars, presentations and other things that your customers like.

As shown in the above message, you can introduce multiple options for customer support. It is the best manner you can involve your customer who is seeking information about the Holy Grail.

As shown in the image, you can put links about the most asked questions, a question box, an email option, a call option and much more.

4. Phone support:

One of the most intriguing ways to communicate with your customers when they are in dilemma, the phone support feature is an excellent thing to do when nothing helps.

According to a survey conducted by a firm called Software Advice, most of the customers prefer the phone support than live chat support, especially aged people.

phone support

As you can see in the above chart, older people generally are not tech savvy and they prefer the phone support for their queries and that does not mean that live chat support does not work.

It has their own advantages, but phone support is too necessary and you need to make sure that you have trained customer service representatives who know about everything your customers are going to ask.

5. Email support

When Marketing Sherpa had conducted a survey about which channel customers prefer for communications, they found some interesting results. Just look at the chart shown below:

marketing shepra

You can easily understand the response they got. According to the survey, people prefer email support over other communication channels. The most promising thing about email support is that customer will ask for a specific problem and you need to answer that specific problem only.

Also, email support works perfectly for you when you want to engage or inform about some promotional offers and discount sales. It is the best manner through which you can approach your customers and it will surely give you fruitful results.

6. Social media interactions:

“Social Media will help you build the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” – Bonnie Sains

Recently, customers have started visiting the official social media pages and profiles of the companies to find information about the company and products and services they offer. It is in trend and you have to be present on different social media platforms to reach out to the customers who are there looking for communication.

According to a survey by Sprout Social, more than 34% of people nowadays use social media to communicate with businesses and it shows how crucial your presence is on different social media.

customer care

See the chart and you will know about how effective the social media is. There are some other benefits also. By using a right strategy on social media networks, you can make your customers aware of the new and latest offerings in your products and services.

The dilemma for businesses is, which social media platform is most effective than others. Well, there are many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, to name a few.

social media

study conducted by the Go Digital, customers prefer Facebook than others and it is obvious as Facebook is one of the largest growing social networks and the way interactions happen there is lucrative for businesses.

You can post images, videos, charts, live support and many other things there and customers will surely going to engage in these different activities.

In conclusion, the only thing that matters is your presence when your customers are looking for right and valuable information.

Irrespective of the channels, you need to make sure that you are there to solve their queries and build the confidence in the hearts of the customers that you care for them and they are special for you.

Once they have got this feeling, it will surely help them to make an affirmative decision in your favor.

7.  High-Value Interactions

Last, but not the least, the most important high-value interaction is necessary to engage customers more. High-value interactions give customers more insight about the products and services you offer and it will finally help you to retain them.

For example, if you have introduced a new functionality in your product module, you can invite your customers to a free webinar organized by you in the upcoming week. It will help them to understand the technical aspects of the functionality and it will add the loyalty points in their minds too.

Another example is to make them aware of your new support channels or any other product or service module. Once you have built goodwill with a customer, they will expect that you don’t forget them. Invite them to online forums and discussions on social media posts and they will feel privileged.


In short, your customer support funnel should be designed in a manner that it turns your visitor to a most loyal customer with effective problem resolution techniques and interactive and prompt services. Upselling is a valuable skill to deliver top-notch customer service and make your customers happy and satisfied.

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