The Advantage of Co-Browsing: What Acquire Offers that Others Don’t.

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The Advantage of Co-Browsing: What Acquire Offers that Others Don’t.

There are hundreds of live chat software companies in the market, but what set Acquire apart are the other features that it offers. One of these features is co-browsing. Co-browsing commonly known as collaborative browsing is a software technique that allows two or more people to access the same webpage at the same time. This makes customer service easy.

Acquire allows customers to share their screens with customer service representatives so that issues and queries can be solved quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

“Adding a human touch to your customers’ experience can help you distinguish your brand. Visual engagement tools, such as co-browsing and video chat can help build an emotional bond with customers.” – Venesha Brooks

Co-browsing is similar to screen sharing in that customer service representatives can see the customer’s screen, but where screen sharing only shows you what the customer is seeing, co-browsing allows a customer service representative to interact with the customer’s screen. They can click, type, scroll, and highlight what a customer needs to do, and solve the customer’s query immediately.

Co-Browsing Facts

Co-browsing has already proven to be useful by other companies who have implemented the capability. They have seen an 18% improvement in first call resolution a 14% reduction in call handling times and a 10% reduction in total support calls.

Co-browsing also has the added effect of building trust with customers and reducing the rates of online shopping carts abandonment. Frustrated customers can also rest assured with co-browsing that their problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Below is the list of benefits of co-browsing as per recent reports of Aberdeen:

  • 78% of customers get satisfied with co-browsing compared to 47% for web self-service.
  • Increase in annual revenue growth by 3% from upsell/ cross-sell and fee-based consultation
  • Error rate reduction on customer transactions
  • Reduced online shopping cart abandonment
  • Boost customer engagement and loyalty
  • Quick solutions to customer’s query

Acquire Co-browse is simple to deploy and here are some important points to consider:

  • Customer
    • No software installation needed
    • No computer microphone, camera setup required
  • Agent
    • No VoIP troubleshooting needed
    • The agent gives quick instructions to the customer to start a cobrowse


Co-browsing also has the added effect of building trust with customers and reducing the rate of abandoned shopping carts. Frustrated customers can also rest assured with co-browsing that their problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently. According to Forrester’s survey, a 78% customer satisfaction rank is associated with customers who were serviced with co-browsing capabilities.

Combine with other features

Combining multiple customer service capabilities with co-browsing also boosts the efficiency. Acquire’s other capabilities such as live chat, video chat, document sharing, and file-sharing can be used in conjunction with the co-browsing feature. Integrating Video chat with co-browsing allow you to speak to your customers and explain each step you are going through.

Combining co-browsing with live chat also allows you to explain, but may be more useful for customers who do not want to speak, or want to have written records so they can easily reference the chat log for future use.

Document sharing combined with co-browsing is also extremely useful for people who need help filling out a long contract or agreement. With co-browsing, customer service representatives can easily point out where the contract needs signatures, and if a customer has questions, they can easily point it out to whoever is assisting them.


A large variety of businesses can benefit from using co-browsing. Companies with evolving standards such as healthcare, insurance, financial service, and more have to constantly be updated and obey the law. Sometimes updates to contracts can be confusing to customers, but co-browsing allows it to be explained clearly and efficiently.

Another good use for co-browsing is for websites that are very large such as telecom or universities. Often businesses with a wide array of products or services that branch out across multiple markets or even just big websites in general, can be difficult to navigate. Luckily with the help of co-browsing, a customer service representative can navigate the customer to where they need to be.

If you compete with other businesses that sell similar products then differentiating yourselves is crucial to your success. Excellence in customer service can provide that much-needed edge for your business. Companies like online booking have similar products, but customer service can make customers remain loyal to one over the other.

Customers are also very sensitive to customer service, and if they have a bad experience with a representative, they may never come back. Luckily, co-browsing is an excellent tool for calming down a customer who may already be irritated. Simply doing the necessary task for them relieves a lot of the stress and makes them feel personally cared for.

In conclusion, co-browsing is a great tool on its own and is amazing when combined with other capabilities. Acquire offers many features that seamlessly work all in one program to better assist your customers and to improve your sales, customer satisfaction, and efficiency within the workplace.

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