Acquire + Zapier Integration: Lets Automate Customer Engagement

Laduram Vishnoi
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Acquire + Zapier Integration: Lets Automate Customer Engagement

Customers have been demanding zapier integration since a long time. So we have great news for you all.

Acquire now integrates with Zapier. This lets you connect Acquire with your favorite products. You demanded it, we did it.

Let’s take a dip into our main goal

Acquire is a communication platform for businesses. It connects companies with their customers.  Acquire is the first to bring an automated messenger for businesses- allowing a company to offer top-notch services to the customer with their sales and customer support team.

Over the past year, Acquire has supported in the growth of thousands of businesses.

Read this article to know how Zapier works, and how to connect Acquire with other Apps with Zapier.

Understanding how Zapier works

Zapier is a web-based service provider that allows end users to connect with over 1000+ apps to automate the work and to boost productivity.

The First step of using Zapier is signing up for an account. Basic accounts are free and there are other advanced accounts starts at $20 per month. Choose the best plan as per your business need. Once you have signed up you will find Acquire app in the catalog.

Now you will be able to browse through their extensive list of apps. You'll need to authorize Acquire, and any other apps you want to use, by logging in with your account credentials. After that, you can start building Zaps that can move and sync your data across your favorite apps.

How to use Zapier with Acquire

Zapier bridges the gap between Acquire and the other products you use. There are various ways you can use it and there are lots of products to choose from in Zapier’s app directory.

Let’s see different ways to automate Acquire using Zapier

1) Create new HubSpot CRM contacts when Acquire chats end

Customer data collection is the most important key in your marketing strategy. Collecting customer data will help your business to track and improve customer service and to boost customer satisfaction.

Sales and support team need the most updated customer details, but it is difficult to save those details of customers using a live chat. With the Zapier integration, it automatically creates or updates the customer contact details when Acquire chats end by creating a new contact in HubSpot CRM.

2) Send emails with Gmail when Acquire chats end

In an online business, you are constantly interacting with the customers. For the long-term growth of the business and to generate more leads, and sales, you need to focus on conversion rate. The recorded chat transcripts will generate valuable data which can be analyzed to improve conversion rates and profits.

zap integrate acquire

Zapier gives a full record of chat transcripts and offline message. With Zapier integration it sends email notifications of chat transcripts when Acquire chat is ended by an agent. This chat transcript collects the details of the customers that include the customer ratings, agent comment, source, navigation behavior. File transferred and screenshots during a chat will be saved as attachments to the chat transcripts.

3) Add new leads in Salesforce when chats end

By streamlining customer support and sales, your team can work more efficiently and effectively, closing sales faster than ever. One of the biggest keys to a successful business is generating a lead.

In order to boost sales, you have to have qualified leads. Lead is a prospect or a company who has shown some interest in your product or services. Zapier integration adds new leads in Salesforce when Acquire chats ended. This way, you will have a list of your conversations and a way to know who needs a follow-up.  Zapier will find good quality qualified sales leads to improve business ROI.

4) Add leads to Zoho CRM

Filling up your CRM database manually with the customer’s information gathered over the phone or an email is a tedious task.  Zapier connects Acquire and Zoho CRM which allows your sales support team to reach out to everyone who has shown interest in your product or services.

Once this integration is set up, Zapier will add leads to Zoho CRM when Acquire chats are ended. The lead module in Zoho CRM will help to manage your leads. It has enabled many small businesses to increase their leads and sales.

5) Integrate Slack with Acquire

Acquire is the most effective communication platform than phone or email. But integrating with slack can take your customer service to the next level. Zapier will send a message to Slack whenever a chat is ended in Acquire. This way, you will notify your customer support team of end chat or get a private message for chats that need a personal reply.

Setting up any of these integrations is easy. Check out Zap templates to get started with the most popular integrations.

How to create Zap using Acquire

There is no end to the kinds of Zaps you can build; configuring the Acquire app will always follow the same basic steps.

Creating a Zap consist of three main parts:

  • Setting up the Zap
  • Configure the App
  • Launching the Zap

Step 1: Setting up the Zap

First Login in Acquire Dashboard Setting > Integration > Click on Zapier.

Setting up the Zap

Click on Zapier Integration after you will see all Zap for integration with multiple apps.

Select Trigger:

Select Trigger from Acquire Trigger App, here we are using “Chat End” Trigger, Acquire trigger will be called when recent chat ended by an agent. After choosing it to your Zap and Click on Save + Continue to proceed.

Step 2: Configure the App

Connect and create your Acquire Live Chat account to zap.

  • Enter your acquire Account ID
  • Add Acquire live Chat API token and click on continue.

Configure the App

Get Acquire ACCOUNT ID And API Token:

  • The first login Acquire and click on dashboard right side corner Username [YOURNAME] and use your Account ID.
  • For API Token, Setting > API Token and whitelist get API token ( if you not seeing any token, generate new token ).

Select Acquire Account :

  • Load Your Recent Ended chats as a sample
  • Please make sure you have some recently ended chats, before making any Zap.
  • Please select any chat to set up a zap.
  • Need to click on finish button for the final step of zap.

Select Acquire Account

Step 3: Launching the Zap

Turn the Zap on by clicking on the grey switch and start sending an email when recent Acquire chat ends. Zap will send email on given time interval like in below image there are 5 minutes, it will send emails after 5 minutes when the trigger will get recent chats from your Acquire Account.

Launching the Zap


Acquire is a communication platform which helps users to bridge a gap between customers and sales and support teams. Through Zapier now you can connect Acquire with hundreds of other apps to automate your work.

Acquire + Zapier integration will help grow your business and will even make your customer experience better.

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