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How to Acquire New Customers without Investing a Single Buck

Sam Suthar
4 min read
How to Acquire New Customers without Investing a Single Buck

Over a decade ago, it was not hard for companies to push their product or service into the market. People had limited resources to judge before a purchase. But the World Wide Web has turned the whole picture in an entirely new direction. Digital marketing has given the sceptre of market control to the consumers. The infinite number of resources educates them in advance. The marketing focus has shifted to pull customers using new, technology-empowered strategies. Smart techniques to build proactive customer experiences are today’s topic:

1. Don’t Forget Your Existing Customer Network:

You are right. I’m talking about customer retention.

The cost is 5 times higher when persuading a new customer rather than motivating an existing one. That’s why businesses are chanting the 80/20 rule: 80% of business gain can be gleaned from only 20% of loyal customers. Your best customers don’t just willingly pay you the most, but 97% of them don’t stop telling your story to their circle. They are the most precious jewels you own.

The idea? Here is what you can do:

  • Be customer-centric: Make your customer the central point of your business. Tell them that they are the sole reason that your business runs. Loyalty breeds customer trust and that trust builds strong relationships.
  • Communication: Make it a real-time game. Communication has always been the key to building long-lasting relationships. Implement industry-standard, live chat tools to yield the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Customer data: Keep track of their sales history and background profile. Remind them before certain occasions when they are likely to purchase.
  • Reconnect: Reconnecting the forgotten ones. They can’t resist the feeling of being missed. Tell them about the new options or products you have launched or added.
  • Showcase them: Brand your existing clients. Ask them to share their experience with you and, thus, products or solutions with others.

2. Add a CTA (Call to Action) on your website:

Without action, there can be no relation. Think about visiting a website without CTAs. It awakens negativity. These are actions you and your clients both agree for them to take. Potential clients eagerly expect them. Use their voice in CTA buttons and make them feel you understand them better than they understand themselves.

But all of these will be effective when you can convince them to take those actions. For that, CTAs and chat sessions are mutually related. Invite clients using a ‘Chat with Us’ button. Listen to them carefully and convince them of your solutions.  Use ‘Free Demo” options. Then ask for actions. At least they will try. Otherwise, many will leave without trying to act.

The solution must be more personalized, and responsive enough to assist in every popular browser or on any device. For example, see how Acquire video assistance is turning the challenges faced by the banking industry into incredible resolutions. The WebRTC and Flash tools they use are allowing them to run their services smoothly, anywhere.

This software, with its unique features, is attracting a significant number of people to Citibank, as they have implemented it with their VIP profiles for the digital barrier they are providing. Also, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has regained their customer trust once again by implementing acquire live chat software on their official site.

3. Work for charity where you will get the client, but not the money:

If charity begins at home, then make your business your new home. New visitors don’t know you from the crowd, where everyone is offering the same. Why would they come to you? Make an exception.

To invest in the noble cause of helping society has always been a responsibility of the corporate world. That's why the globe has seen some of the biggest charitable foundations grossly funded by business giants.

Charity speaks for you. It shows that you are responsible for building a better society and you are doing it. It creates a positive vibe within the society regarding your business. Great business never looks for cheap money. They always build relationships and that makes them stand out from the group.

4. Be an expert in your niche:

Knowledge is the only thing that gives you the ability to alter a complex problem into the simplest solution. This is what every viewer seeks. Also, it’s the only thing that distinguishes you from the others.

  • Research your niche as much as you can.
  • Connect with other players in the game.
  • Share your skills and ideas.
  • Make things simple. It’s evidence of your knowledge and experience.
  • If there is no option available at the moment to express yourself, then create one on popular, professional sites.
  • Involve the media. Tell everyone.

How long can one resist the chance to give you a try?

5. Build a Relationship Network:

“If you aren’t networking for the long haul then don’t bother networking at all.” - Sharon Michaels.

It’s about starting a business relationship with the right person, so that you can hit your target directly. You don’t need to meet a lot of people, just choose wisely. Do all the research that is available on your target market. Also, prepare yourself to be the right choice for what you offer. Full power arises only from a win-win relationship. Set a goal for it. You get what you give, right?

  • Share professional leads.
  • Invite chats, ask others’ thoughts.
  • Mail personalized links.
  • Focus more on following up with existing leads, rather than creating new leads. Others will automatically come to know your reputation.

Your business requires a jump-start and, at times, it's the decision that acts stronger than a weak investment. Truly, there are ways to acquire new customers without investing a single penny.

Today’s consumers hold the power of knowledge, and so businesses need to be more sincere in setting their strategy when building a concrete bridge of customer satisfaction.

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