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Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Sam Suthar
5 min read
Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Customers are the most important assets for any business and to maintain customer relationships is the most essential step for the growth of the business.

In this digital era, most companies or industries use different tools and technologies that come with handy integrations to streamline their business operations.

Live chat is used by most organizations for customer interaction and CRM is used to store customer’s details. But as the live chat software is a part of CRM, integrating it can help in simplifying the business process.

Integrating Acquires’ live chat with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to collect, store and centralize customers’ information in a quick and hassle-free way.

In this article, I have mentioned how Microsoft Dynamics CRM works, how to integrate Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and what benefits do business gets from this integration.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it works?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management tool developed by Microsoft. It is a cloud-based software application that helps an organization in automating business processes, improving productivity and in nurturing customer relationships and satisfaction across all channels.

The practical functionality of MS Dynamics CRM allows employees to be more knowledgeable and productive and offers deeper insight into performance, prospects and customer relationships.

It offers businesses new and enhanced tools to transform their marketing, sales and customer service processes. It aligns all the business modules to streamline the way business communicates with prospects, team members and customers.

Integration of Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM      

Acquire allows organizations or companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM online to offer effective and complete customer care solution to their website visitors.

With Acquire, your customer service agent can live chat with customers and record the chats in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM as contacts or leads.

Integrating Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable organizations to keep track of customer details and all live chat conversations with the customers. Offline messages and live chat transcripts automatically logged as Notes or Cases.

Benefits of Acquire and MS Dynamic CRM Integration to Business

Deliver Delightful Customer Experience

With Acquire and MS Dynamics CRM integration, you can collect customers’ data which can later be used during other chats to improve and provide a delightful customer experience and service.

Generate Quality Leads

Visitors are the most important asset to the business. It is important for any business to offer high-quality customer service to the customer in order to boost customer engagement. Highly engaged customers promote more, buy more and become loyal to the brand. Once Acquire is integrated, your customer support team will find it easier to communicate with website visitors and thus will generate more quality leads.

Know Your Customers Better

Integrating MS Dynamics with Acquire allows your customer service agent to record the customer details while chatting. This streamlines the customer support process by eliminating the repetitive task of storing chat details separately.

Once the chat is over, your customer service agent can access the conversation in MS Dynamics dashboard where customer details and chat transcripts will be available easily. Customer support operators can even see whether the same visitor has made a query through live chat previously or not.

MS Dynamics CRM on Premise

Acquire supports both on-premise and the cloud version of MS Dynamics CRM. Your live chat agent team can give effective solutions to all customer queries as the integration is supported both on cloud base and on-premise.

While the on-premise integration requires, the other doesn’t and will be available on Microsoft's Cloud.

Steps to integrate Acquire with MS Dynamics

In order to connect Acquire with MS Dynamics, you must first have an Acquire account and Microsoft Dynamics CRM account. If you don't already have an account with Acquire, sign up here. Visit Microsoft Dynamics' website to create your Microsoft Dynamics account.

Follow below steps to complete the integration.

Step 1 Configure with MS Dynamics CRM

Go to  Settings > Integrations and click MS CRM.

Acquire dashboard

Integration with MS CRM

Now enter the CRM URL, Email address and Password.

Click on Connect

Integration of Acquire and Microsoft Dynamics CRM completed

Step 2 Implementation

Go to dashboard and start chatting with the customer. Automatically the customer details will get sync in the system. Then click on the Microsoft Dynamic sync button.


Contact edit

MS contact add account

edit lead MS

Once you have filled up all details click on save. If you wish to edit the customer details you can click on edit detail.

When the chat ends, you can save the chat transcript as Note. The chat details will be added under the note tab under Contact or lead tab.

contact edit save MS

contact save

Lead save MS CRM

lead save

Step 3

All your customers’ details will get saved into Dynamic CRM account under Contacts or lead. If you wish to fetch your customer’s details and chat transcript you can easily get from the Microsoft Dynamic CRM database.

MS Dynamics CRM dashboard

chat transcripts saved in MS CRM


Integrating live chat software to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is vital to sales and service.  Every innovative and progressive company will definitely want this integration as this helps in streamlining the customer process, store customer details, increase customer satisfaction, generate more conversions and revenue.


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